Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

False claim of the American Islamists finally exposed; American Muslim population is only 1.8 millions in total!

For long most American Islamists, as well as, most Muslim organizations like CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, NABIC etc have been claiming that America has 5-7 millions of Muslims; and not only that, since 1988, we had been repeatedly told that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the west. Most Islamists told us that, in America alone about 30 thousands non-Muslims convert to Islam every year. Some claimed that almost 20 thousands of American infidel women convert to Islam every year. Some even claimed that after the horrendous incident of 9/11, American conversion to Islam has doubled! After 9/11 conversion to Islam has increased to double fold? Are you kidding?

Most puzzling to us was the mystery of invisible western converts. Where are they? We could rarely find any western converts in our Mosques or in any Muslim congregations. Most faces we have seen were same old faces of South East Asians and some Arabs or Africans; but we could hardly see any real American white converts! Not even black Americans. Where are they?

Other baseless “hoaxes” previously available in the market were: Neil Armstrong, Jaques Cousteau, Michael Jackson, Maurice Bucaille, King Offa of England and, Mike Tyson, they all became Muslim. Christian apologists discovered wreckage of Noah’s ark in turkey, Prophet Muhammad’s name on a piece of wood from Noah’s ark (found in Russia), and Prophet Muhammad’s name fore-told in Hindu Scriptures. ALL THESE WERE SIMPLY BOGUS CLAIMS BY WISHFUL MULLAHS. Unfortunately, they get involved in spreading these concocted stories, which are mostly rubbish anyway, only to mislead gullible folks of which we have so many in this world.

In the Middle East, many Muslims do convert to Christianity. However, Muslim’s conversion to Christianity never get to the news media for fear of being apostate and killed by the “merciful” Islamists. People convert to a religion for various reasons, such as, economic supports, for mental spiritual satisfaction, and even for marital purposes. Everyday, throughout the Third World countries, Christian missionaries are busily converting tens of thousands of poor/destitute peoples. Does it make the Christian religion great? Thousands of peoples did convert to Jim John’s cultic religion in the seventies; thousands of Japanese people converted to a dangerous cultic religion Supreme Truth; and a crazy man like David Koresh was able to brainwash thousands of his followers to die for his brand of religion. Is the conversion to certain religion/faith makes that faith great? The big question is, does conversion spree a ‘litmus test’ for a good, or a true religion. I don’t think so! If this were correct, then China’s Falun Gong would be the fastest growing and the best religion in the entire world right now. For last 30 years or so, western living Islamists were doing this false propaganda only to attract more conversion of western infidels to Islam.

Finally, we have found the “Eureka” of this puzzle. Like many other claims, this claim of conversion utopia was also a blatantly false claim by the wishful Islamists. We know Muslim populations was/is increasing year after year mostly by rapid influx of immigrants from third-world Muslim nations and also by higher rate of procreation; but by rapid and massive conversions American Muslim populations were getting doubled every year was utterly false claim by the Islamists.

Another peculiar thing we have been hearing since early 80s or 90s that American Muslim population is about 6 millions. But just other day, I read such news in Islamic site that American Muslim population is about 5 millions. By this latest news, one must conclude that Muslim population in America was/is actually decreasing year after year! Otherwise, how they could have claimed 6/7 millions in 80s and in 2007 they again claimed only 5 millions? Question is why this false propaganda was needed only by Muslims in America? I never heard anything from Hindus, Buddha’s or Jews about any false claims by them! Well, here is the actual truth about American Muslims. Please read the news below:

Religious affiliations in the US (Surveyed 2007 by Los Angeles Times) found U.S. is still overwhelmingly a Christian Nation. Entire story can be read here:,0,4582086.story.

According to this study, 78.4% of Americans are Christians, about 5% belong to all other faith and traditions and 16.1% are unaffiliated with any particular religion. Secular unaffiliated Americans account for 6.3% of the population; religious unaffiliated, 5.8%; atheists, 1.4% and agnostics, 2.4%.

Among the 5 % other faiths: Jews are 1.7%; Buddhists are 0.7%; Muslims are 0.6%; Hindus are 0.4%. Now if we do the math, America has only 1.8 millions Muslims in total. Questions remained to be answered: Where are those 6 or 7 millions Muslims in the United States of America? And why Muslims only (No Hindus or Buddhists ever did this) had been fooling people with their false propaganda for so long?

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Syed Kamran Mirza is the author of Roots of Terrorism in Islam. He has also contributed in Beyond Jihad — Critical Voices from Inside Islam and Leaving Islam — Apostates Speaks Out. He can be contacted at


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