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Is America the Father of Islamic Jihadism?

by Alamgir Hossain

30 Sep. 2012

Nope! Instead, Communist Russia is the true father of today's resurgent Islamic Jihadism, which anyone having a little discerning mind can tell.

True or not, that has been the widely claimed, and generally accepted, wisdom. Such claims are generally made by Left-Communists, and often seconded by the so-called moderate Muslims. And given nobody, not even the American centre or right wing activists, ever offer disagreements or rebuttals to this Left-Marxist accusation, it has apparently become an evident truth accepted by all and sundry, including opponents of the Left-Marxists.

While this claim has rather become stale and boorish to neutral observers because of its too-often repetitions, but it will never become so to its professors and propagators. They continue citing the same relentlessly at every valid or nonvalid opportunity. For example, in response to my recent article analyzing Julian Assange activities, Shamsul Alam, a Bangladeshi scholar and friend, quite irrelevantly wrote in a Bangla website that "America had once nurtured the Afghan Mujahideen forces with huge sums of money and arms to fight against the Soviet forces‚€ (translated). In the same vein, a regular reader of website, nicknamed vbv, commenting on author Andrew Stunich's article, Would Iran Achieve Its Apocalyptic Goals?, somewhat relevantly wrote:

USA is the main cause of resurgence of islamic fanaticism and terrorism. They spawned many a jihadi groups to evict the erstwhile USSR from Afghanistan‚€¶ Look at their close allies in the developing world ‚€“ Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, etc.

Much has been said of the US role in igniting Islamic Jihadism by assisting Islamic militant groups in Afghanistan, the horror outcome of which we witness today. But evidently, it is the USSR that is real culprit for igniting Islamic militancy, not only through the occupation of Afghanistan, but also by helping foster totalitarian Communist movements in Islamic countries, because pious Muslims saw Communism as the worst antithesis of Islam, and took to Islamic theology to orchestrate movements and politics to confront the USSR-fostered Communism.

It is a plain and evident truth, although obscure or invisible to Left-Marxists, that the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan was the primary cause of the birth of Jihadist groups in that country. Only after the Soviet occupation had given birth to militant Islamist groups did America exploit them to her advantage so as to confront what the West saw as their mortal enemy at the time. We mustn't lose sight of the fact that Communism was born with the professed aim of destroying the democratic and free economic enterprise orders of the world.

We may also take note of the fact that India, Mr. vbv‚€™s motherland, was one of Communist USSR‚€™s best friends, and her biggest economic and trade partner. So, it is needless to say that India was key to totalitarian USSR's lifeline and therefore a partner in its professed campaign for destroying the democratic capitalist order of the free world. Thus, India can also be duly held responsible for playing a culpable hand in the Communist Russia‚€™s igniting of Islamic radicalism and militancy in Afghanistan and the wider Islamic world.

Even if the US didn't exploit the Islamists to confront the Communist occupation of Afghanistan, these Jihadi groups would still be thriving, probably with the only difference that their strength of today would have been achieved 5 or 10 years later. It couldn‚€™t be otherwise.

We must also remember that America did not only exploit Islamist groups to confront Communism, they also exploited other religious groups, and certainly Christian groups for fighting Communist totalitarianism in countries of Eastern Europe and Communist East Germany, or to prevent Communist revolutions in other parts of the world. It is the religious elements that fought and first dismantled Communism in Poland in Eastern Europe, and that battle was spearheaded by the former Pope John Paul II. America supported clandestine groups in those countries that propagated anti-Communism message through secret church sermons and other religious congregations.

Given the kind of horror the Communists had perpetrated in every country they successfully completed Marxist revolutions, the free democratic capitalist West was absolutely correct in identifying Communism as a grave threat to humanity. And to confront it, the US and its allied used any groups that extended a hand, and was successful in taming the threat of Communist totalitarianism. And from hindsight today, it seems one of the allies amongst many it used, namely the Islamists, was not a right one, but in those days, it was nearly impossible to guess that things would turn out as it has today.

We may also take note of the fact that it is Marxists/Socialists, from those in Kolkata and elsewhere in India to those in the West (Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Noam Chomsky and such), are the ones who are nakedly fostering and emboldening Islamic radicalism today, despite the havoc Islamic militancy wreaking all over the world. On the other hand, it is mainly the anti-Marxists, who are most vocal in defeating the Islamic threat effectively, given the evident danger it has posed to humanity.

I will also like to affirm that irrespective of whatever role America or former USSR, India‚€™s good friend of the yesteryear, may have played in igniting and nurturing Islamic militancy and Jihadism, the trouble of Islam would still have come to haunt the world because of the very nature of Islamic doctrines. Islamic threat is causing death in hundreds, while the Communists killed in thousands. Communists have gone down in history, thanks to resolute stand of the West, and the battle against Islamic threat has started, more in West, and much less in India if at all any.

It is the West that rather successfully confronted Islamic threat on its own frontiers in the past (even tamed it significantly elsewhere in the colonial age), while the rest of the world, including India, surrendered to it rather meekly, thereby, offering it sustenance and confidence of conquering the entire globe that Islam calls for. The world had gotten into a lull about the Islamic threat in the mid-20th century ‚€“ given the relative success of secularization of Islamic societies (Turkey and Iran was socially more liberal than even India in the 1960s-70s) ‚€“ but it turned out a false signal. With the growing realization today that the Islamic core lies at heart of the Muslim militancy and Jihadism (the West realized in the past and realizing again), and a different sort of battle is now being waged targeting the Islamic core in the West, there is a glimmer of hope of winning this battle once and for all.

We must also realize that Islam has been a continuous devastating threat particularly to non-Muslim humanity for much of its 1400-year existence, except the relative lull during the limited period of Western interference in Islamic countries, it may not be easy to win this battle ‚€“ especially through civilized means. But it is undeniable that any tangible battle for a permanent solution to the Islamic problem is originating exclusively in the West, and nowhere else.   [Hit Counter]