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Hindus ‚€“ The Perpetual Victim of Islamic Persecution in Bangladesh

by Alamgir Hossain

09 Mar. 2013

When Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, was engaged in a war of liberation from Pakistan in 1971, the Pakistani army and their local religio-nationalist Bengali collaborator Muslims, called Rajakars, termed the war as one orchestrated by the Hindus and their Munafiq (hypocrite) Muslim allies. As a result, Hindus became the primary target of killing, torture and violation in one of the most gruesome wars in history.

Eventually, with eager and direct help from India, Bangladesh succeeded in separating itself from Pakistan, a nation that was founded solely on the basis of Islam in 1947 at an immense cost of life and sufferings. At which time too, Bengali Hindus were the major victim of suffering in that part of the subcontinent.

In Today‚€™s Bangladesh, the Islamist Rajakars of 1971 have become the Jamaat or Jamaat-e-Islami, the major Islamist party in Bangladesh. And Hindus continues to be victim of violence, torture, vandalism and destruction of the Jamaati activists, or even instigated common Muslims. In the ongoing revolution in Bangladesh, in which the country‚€™s secular-minded young generation took to the street demanding ‚€œdeath penalty‚€ for the Rajakars currently on trial for their heinous 1971 crimes, Hindus are at the receiving end of it again, despite the fact that they have little to do with the demonstration. In the face of demands for death penalty on the street, the tribunal declared capital punishment to Delowar Hussein Saidee, a leading Rajakar and leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party. The ruling instigated the Jamaat activists into unleashing a massive campaign of terror, violence, vandalism and arson, mainly targeting the Hindus ‚€“ their life, homes, businesses and places of worship.

The sufferings of Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh have no ends.   [Hit Counter]