Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

When is Islam Oppressed?

"I am telling you that my religion doesn't tolerate other religion. It doesn't tolerate. The only one law which needs to be spread, it can be here or anywhere else has to be Islam."

[ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) interview with Abdul Nacer Benbrika (Abu Bekr), the spiritual leader of the Victorian terror cell suspect). The daily Telegraph, Sydney, November 10, 2005, p.31]

WHAT IS THE ISLAMIC definition of oppression? Ask any Islamist this question and he will certainly provide answers such as: Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Bosnia-.and so on. Think carefully, how true these statements are. In fact, if one takes the trouble to read the blood-soaked history of Islam, one could not help wondering why this label of oppression not be imposed on Islam itself? The unprovoked, savage invasions by the Bedouin Arabs, to subjugate, at the point of swords, the people of Iraq, Persia, Syria, Egypt, Asia Minor, Armenia, Cyprus, Sicily, Crete, Spain, Afriqiya (north Tunisia), India to their fascistic/Arab imperialism (peddled as Islam) demonstrate a naked truth-that it was Islam who had started this oppression. 

Therefore, the charge that the Islamic mayhem in the current world is due to what is happening (read oppression) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Chechnya are just sham pretensions by the Islamists, the ideological gurus of the Islamist terrorists and the suicide bombers. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Jordan, Turkey, France, Denmark-have none of their soldiers fighting in Iraq, yet these countries are not immune from the Islamist terrorists' attack. Did you ever wonder why?-why, not being satisfied with the campaign of unremitting terror in the infidel territories, the Islamist terrorists even have to terrorize the innocent people of these Islamic Paradises. To find the answer to such a perplexing issue please read on.

One fact stands out very clear from the hypocrisy of the Islamists. This fact is: Islam is grossly offended/oppressed by any un-Islamic moves of the infidels/not-so-good Muslims (like the Islamic Paradises I listed above). This is simply because these Islamists audaciously believe that Islam is the only religion in which each and every person on this planet must be subjected to by hook or by crook-using terror, force and slaughter, if need be. They have the Qur'an solidly backing them up. This is the major theme of the Qur'an which is so eloquently supported by the cleric, quoted above.

Here are a few verses from the Holy Qur'an which are in 100% support of the above imam of a mosque in Victoria, Australia: [Readers, please CLICK the following link for the full texts of these verses]:]

The only religion is the religion of Allah, Islam-16:52

Muslims (Islam) are the best of righteous people...3:110

Allah has perfected Islam and it is the only religion for mankind (last verse revealed, and so, the final word of Allah disclosed to Muhammad)...5:3

Islam is the perfect religion; it will dominate all other religions...9:33

Can't worship anything other than Allah; Islam is the only right religion (the purpose of an Islamic state)...12:40

There is only one God and all should bow to Islam...21:108

Allah proclaims Islam (the religion of truth) over all other religion..48:28

Allah has sent Muhammad to proclaim the 'Religion of Truth' (Islam) over all religions...61:9

What happens to those people who, despite the call to convert to Islam, do not follow suit? In the language of the Qur'an, they are worse than animals, believe it or not. Here is how the Holy Qur'an grades the Kafirs (infidels).

The worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb (unbelievers) who do not understand Islam...8:22

How about using (read sword) on those who refuse to convert to Islam or deviate from Islam?  After all, the Islamists are foaming: 'Islam means peace', 'there is no compulsion in religion' 'killing one person is killing the entire mankind', and so on. Because of such misleading propaganda by the Islamists and their bogies of western apologists of Islam, one might find it impossible to believe that there could be anything in the Qur'an but 'peace', 'love' and 'mercy' for the infidels. Sadly, to the disappointment of these gullible unbelievers, the Qur'an, in many verses, categorically exhorts the true believers to use force preemptively to convert the unbelievers to Islam. Here is a sample verse:

Allah sent down iron as a material for war and for other benefits; whoever deviates from Islam is to be brought back with iron (i.e. with force, meaning use iron (sword) to force people to Allah's religion)...57:25

And when all efforts to pursue the Kafirs to convert to Islam have failed, or when the unbelievers resort to rejecting Islam openly, Islam stipulates that they be crucified or maimed. Read this terrible verse from Allah:

Punishment for waging war against Allah (i.e. the unbelievers who reject Islam) and His messenger is execution (beheading) or crucifixion or cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides or exile from the land...5:33

One might still insist that the above verse is applicable only in war situations, when Islam and its founder, Muhammad (or Muslims) are/were attacked in a physical fight. Perish this thought, if you want to learn about 'real Islam'. The words, 'waging war', in the above verse has very little to do with real combat (like Iraq, Afghanistan). Any action, activity, remark, gesture, word/s, sound, utterance, look, manner, habit, conduct, style and so on, which are not in conformity with Islamic percepts are considered as blasphemous or 'waging war'. Thus, even the slightest criticism of Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an or Sharia, verbally or in writing, might be treated as gross violations of Islamic tenets. These acts are absolutely blasphemous, and are punishable by death (by beheading, the Islamic method of slaughter). The conclusive proof of this dreadful provision is the blasphemy laws enacted by most of the Islamic Paradises. This is the meaning of freedom of thought in Islam-the freedom to mete out capital punishment to those who dare to criticize Islam, in any manner whatsoever. If anyone still has any suspicion of what I just wrote, let him consult the blasphemy law of any Islamic state, which complies one-hundred-percent with the Qur'anic verse I quoted above.

Below, I have listed a few innocuous activities, manners, social customs, traditions and the daily way of life, which the Kafirs blithely take for granted but which are extremely un-Islamic. According to Islamic morals, customs and laws, these offensive activities/practices might be construed as oppressive to Islam and, therefore, they are legitimate targets for eradication, or they must be replaced by Islamic practices or Islamic purification. The very small number of Islamists currently occupying (the Islamists think that Allah has sent them to infidel lands to conquer it) the infidel lands (camouflaged as economic migrants or political asylum seekers or refugees) will fight tooth-and-nail, legally or politically, covertly or overtly to remove such un-Islamic practices from the infidel lands which they have occupied (migrated for Islamic occupation). They would, when possible, lobby the simple and fair-minded Kafir politicians to enact Islamic laws as a replacement for those infidel customs, traditions and values. In their language, this process of Islamisation by stealth is called 'elimination of vices and promotion of virtues'-a secret method of imposing Islamic imperialism.

Here is how Islam is oppressed by the unbelievers:

  • The infidels do not submit to Allah despite repeated warnings to them. This is the highest form rebellion by the Kafirs and an extreme type of oppression to Islam.

  • The infidel women go to swim in the beaches wearing bikini. Allah is greatly offended by such outrageous conduct of infidel women.

  • The Kafir nations condemn Islamic stoning in Islamic Paradises. Islamic penal code is written by Allah, how could the infidels condemn such a divine, merciful penal system? Allah is surely angry with the infidels.

  • The Kafirs 'law court incarcerates Islamic rapists, but, who, according to Islam, has the inalienable right to have unlimited sex with infidel women, no question asked. As per Islam, these infidel women (Islamically, all western women, who do not dress Islamically are harlots, sluts and prostitutes and all infidels are incestuous, believe it or not) are Islamic captives.

  • To protect its innocent citizens from the Islamist terrorists, the Kafirs pass anti-terror laws, but the Islamists believe it is their basic Islamic right to terrorize the infidels. The anti-terror law is oppression to Islam, as this law violates the Qur'anic injunction of casting terror in the hearts of the unbelievers.

  • An infidel woman gives birth out-of-wedlock and she is treated fairly by the social security system of the harami (repugnant) Kafir. This oppresses Islam, as this woman must be stoned to death, as per Islam. The infidels are not respecting the sanctity of Islam.

  • An infidel woman goes out of her house without hijab. This is oppression to Islam, as this violates the Qur'nic injunction that women must stay at home at all times and serves their husbands. In case she has to be out, she must be 'covered.'

  • Violating the Qur'an and Hadis, a Kafir men and women patronize pubs and drink wine and liqueur. Islamic punishment of forty lashes is not meted out for such naked un-Islamic indulgence. To further anger the Muslims, during Ramadan, the Kafirs eat  and drink publicly, in open view of the Muslims. This, of course is an unpardonable Islamic offence, as the infidels show no sensitivity/respect for the best religion on earth.

  • An unmarried Kafir woman engages in de-facto relationship with a man. This offends the migrant Muslims, but despite much harangue from the Islamist moralists, the Kafirs refuse to change their law of personal freedom. This (the unbridled mixing of opposite sexes), is certainly a gross oppression to Islamic faith.

  • The infidel's local council prohibits the use of loud speakers to broadcast the melodious tune of Azan (the Islamic prayer call). This is the violation of Islamic right of noise pollution, and, therefore is a tyranny upon Islam.

  • Harami Kafirs enact law banning hijab in public schools. This angers the Islamists, as this amount to violating the Qur'an, and hence is oppressive to Islam.

  • The Kafirs refuse to pay jizyah (special privileges to the Arab Bedouins/Muslims). In modern times, this jizya is in the form of special privileges to the Muslims (for example, Bumiputra/Malay/Muslim policy in Malaysia, reservation of places for the Muslims in Kafirs' Universities, special concession on employment policies, affirmative policies exclusively designed for the incompetent Muslims-and so on). Non-payment of jizya tax is a gross violation of the holy Qur'an and is oppression to Islam.

  • When, for security reasons, America, the Great Satan, requires, all visitors to the United States to be photographed, fingerprinted and biometrically registered to apprehend the suspected terrorists of peaceful Islam, it offends real Islam.

  • When the infidels and in-name-only Muslims patronize a theatre to enjoy a stage drama, Islam is offended, as this violates the basic tenets of the Qur'an-no idol worshipping. Ditto for patronizing cinema houses. Acting in a drama/and or watching this performance is grossly un-Islamic. In Bangladesh, bombs are thrown in such premises, as visiting stage drama and enjoying a movie is oppressive to Islam.

  • When you quote those murderous verses from the Holy Qur'an. Embarrassing Allah /Islamists is a great offence.

  • When you quote those anti-feminist and misogynist hadis from Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and Sunaan Abu Dawud Allah gets offended.

  • When you expose that Islam allows unlimited sex with maid-servants (sex-slaves) and infidel women. These provisions are Qur'anic, so they are above any discussion.

  • When the police embarks on a clean-up operation in an Islamic enclave in a Kafirland. This action violates the incontrovertible rights of the Islamist terrorists to frighten the infidels, an absolute Islamic right enshrined by Allah in the Qur'an.

  • When the Kafir government disallows Sharia law to be enforced for the Muslims living in a Kafirland. Allah's law supercedes all man-made laws, how could the infidels annoy Allah?

  • When, through earthquake and Tsunami, Allah tests His believers in Islamic Paradises and the Kafir's aid is delayed due to the poor/non-existence of logistical supports in those Islamic Paradises. Infidels must attend immediately to the Muslims' plight-this is also a form of jizya on the unbelievers.

  • When you disclose that the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh), had between nine to twenty official wives and at least one sex-slave. Allah is angry when you discuss Muhammad's private life-a violation of Islamic privacy.

  • When the harami freethinkers disclose that the 52-year-old prophet (pbuh) of mercy married a six-year-old girl and had sex with her when she turned nine. See above for the reason.

  • When the 'Islam bashers' reveal that Hazrat Omar (Allah's mercy be upon him) married a four-year-old baby-girl when he was around 54-55 years old. See above for reason.

  • When the Islamphobes divulge that Hazrat Ali (Allah's mercy be upon him) used to have sex with captive women, routinely, even when he was married to Fatima, Muhammad's dearest daughter. Those who embarrass the Khulafa Rashedin (the rightly guided caliphs) embarrass Allah. Allah will not forgive them

  • When the infidels learn from the writing of the Muslim apostates that Muslims must not be friendly with the Jews and the Christians and the unbelievers. When the Qur'an has decreed certain matters, it is a great offence to discuss about them.

  • The Kafirs in Kafirland, instead of adopting the Islamic values of the myopic Muslim community in their midst, urge the Islamists to respect multiculturalism. This is an affront to Islam. According to Islam, these Kafirs (read animals) must adopt pristine Islamic values, and not the other way round.

  • The Kafirs do not learn Arabic, the language of Allah/Islam, but instead, urge the Islamist immigrants to learn the language of their adopted country and try to integrate. Allah is offended when the Kafirs do not learn the language (Arabic) of His Scripture.

  • The western/infidel civilization refuses to adopt Bedouin/Arab culture, instead, follows their own decadent, petrified, immoral, corrupt, lascivious way of life. Islam is oppressed when the Muslims, the best creation of Allah have to witness, with their open eyes, such blatant depravity and corruption. After all, Islam came to purify the world but the infidels refuse to comply. This is an oppression to Islam

  • Peaceful Islam is not allowed to preach hateful sermons by the clerics living in infidel territories. This is a gross of violation Islamic human rights, of freedom to preach hatred for the infidels, since this right has been enshrined in the Qur'an.

  • Kafirs deport/cancel visa of firebrand clerics who exhort in Friday congregations jihad and murder of the infidels. Read above why Islam is oppressed for such an action of the Kafir.

  • Billboards near Allah's house (mosques) in Kafirlands display women's underwear, bras and lingerie in provocative manner, arousing the sexual passions in the devotees of Allah. This is oppressive to Islam, as Allah does not like to have a look at women's undergarments and their half-clad body. Allah only looks at hijabi/Burka-clad Muslimahs.

  • Islamists living in Haram land pass by a fitness centre and observe infidel women (and men) performing physical exercise wearing sportswear. Offended, the Islamists complain to the local council and advise the authority that during physical fitness chore the women must wear Burka and jilbab, their shiny and sexy thighs and polished legs must be covered inside baggy Islamic trousers, otherwise, the doors and windows of the gym must be covered with black 'hijab.' The local council turns down the Muslim request. This is oppressive to Islam.

  • The Islamists in Kfirlands go to the local swimming pool and observe men and women practicing swimming together. This is grossly un-Islamic and is oppressive to the Muslims. They ask the local council to open separate swimming pools exclusively for Muslim women having no access to male visitors. The council turns down their request, which offends the Islamists.

  • In Olympic events, women are allowed to compete, in the presence of mixed spectators, in gymnastics, track and field, swimming, beach volleyball, high jump (despicable, because of the possibility of viewing the women's pudenda), long jump, pole vault-etc., Allah is offended with such display of female flesh in such provocative/erotic manner. The Islamists write lengthy articles and lobby their politicians to ban women from participating in such events. In Islamic Paradises they successfully force the government to ban the telecasting of such 'pornographic' events of the International Olympic.

  • The infidels enact laws to prevent polygamy; Muslims could no longer acquire four wives at any time. This is surely, a gross violation of Islamic rights of Muslim men.

  • Imams preaching the goodness in beating wives to discipline them are deported from infidel lands. This is a great torment to Islam, as it grossly violates the Qur'anic verse which calls to beat women to control them.

  • During Christmas gala, party, the Kafir invites his Muslim neighbor and unwittingly serves haram food and wine. The display of haram food and alcoholic drinks to the Muslims is, of course, very offensive. The infidels must not eat and drink haram stuff in the presence of Muslims-it is very odious, Allah becomes angry.

If you have time to spend, I am certain you could find many other actions and traditions of the infidels which are grossly offensive to the Muslims, and, therefore, oppressive to Islam. Many of those examples cited above were from my own experience-from real world. So be prepared to witness many such examples in your land as well.

The above list is just a sample example of the extent to which the Islamists are prepared to go to launch their agenda of globalization of Islamic imperialism, which is basically Arab/Bedouin imperialism. Why should we consider Islam as Arab/Bedouin imperialism? Here is the answer.

You see, the ultimate goal of the Islamists is the creation of a Pan Islamic world, which must be ruled by a caliph (the Islamists call it the Khilafat movement) who will be responsible to enforce Islamic laws (Sharia) globally. So, what are the requirements to be a caliph?-you might ask. According to Islamic law, (ref: Reliance of the Traveler, published by Amana Publications, Bettsville, Maryland, 1999, pp.640-642, law number o25.3) the mandatory qualifications of an Islamic caliph are: 1. must be a Muslim 2. must be a male 3. must be from the Quraysh tribe of the Arabs 4. must be a freeman (i.e., not a slave) 5. must be of sound mind. This provision of Islamic law means that the world (the Pan Islamic world) must be ruled by an Arab (from the Quraysh stock, probably from Saudi Arabia or Jordan) and no one else. This also means that George Bush, Tony Blair, Jacque Chirac, Vladimir Putin, the Chinese Prime Minister, the Japanese Prime Minister-.the most powerful infidel leaders in the world and the not so powerful infidel leaders must convert to Islam, declare their allegiance to the new Arab/Quraysh caliph and become this Arab caliph's governors. If they do not comply with such Islamic demand then they must be removed by terror, intimidation and force. Please stop laughing! I hope by this time you clearly comprehend the reason of the Islamists terrorists of what they are doing around the globe. The Islamists are absolutely serious in their goal-the Islamic caliphate, and to assist them there is no shortage of Arab charity money to finance their strategy and operations. This is the reason why the Islamists, the Islamist terrorists, the Jihadists and the Islamist apologists have no shortage of fund-the Arab/oil money is aplenty to finance the establishment of a super Arab (Islamic) kingdom. This is what I mean by Arab Imperialism when I say that 'Islam is Arab/Bedouin imperialism'.

Terrified, threatened and in panic, the unbelievers might want to know when this Islamic madness might end. I am afraid there is bad news for them. The war against the infidel world is a perpetual war. Islam divides the entire world/humanity into two-the world of Islam (Dar al-Islam) and the world of warfare (Dar al-Harb). These two worlds are in permanent confrontation, until Islam replaces the current civilization with its own version, the Islamic Caliphate. This is what Samuel Huntington had ominously postulated in his classic work, The Clash of Civilizations. This inevitable clash is now on us, make no mistake on this.

Here are two verses from the Qur'an which clearly divide the civilization into two categories: Islamic and un-Islamic, and the declaration of a perpetual war against the infidels.

Believers fight for Allah, unbelievers fight for evil, so fight against the friends of Satan (this verse literally divides the into two camps-the world of Islam and the world of unbelief or Kufr; i.e., Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb) -4:76

Those who resist Allah and Muhammad will be humiliated (i.e. Islam, for ever, is at war with the infidels)...58:20


As exemplified from the most authentic source of Islam (Qur'an), Islam, truly is intolerant to any idea/faith which does not endorse it as the only religion for mankind. Once we understand this fascistic and imperialistic nature of Islam, the fight against the Islamist terrorism becomes quite simple and straightforward. It (the Islamic terrorism) is not at all a political one-it is an ideological war-truly, the collision of culture and civilization. But, in contrast to the battle among various civilizations, as hypothesized by Samuel Huntington, this clash is between two worlds-the word of Islam and the world of Kufr or unbelief. Let the PC politicians pay heed to what the cleric above had said. He is 100% Muslim and 0% politician/hypocrite.

The current world is about to be divided into two camps-the camp of Islam and the camp of infidels, without any third-world between them. Thus, having almost been polarized, a final showdown is gradually shaping up between these two camps. It is just a matter of time when this showdown will result in a massive loss of human lives-both Muslims and non-Muslims, unless correct steps are taken to diffuse this cataclysmic time-bomb. Read the Qur'an and the Hadis, to learn who will win this showdown, if the showdown does really take place. You might be greatly surprised, if you were to believe these Islamic scriptures.

Abul Kasem is an Bengali ex-Muslim and academic. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of five e-Books: A Complete Guide to Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. Mr. Kasem leaves in Sydney, Australia. He can be contacted at

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