Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

I am a Believer


I am a believer,
Life means Allah and the messenger!
No doubt, Cinderella was real,
So are Vampires, Jinns and Jibreel.
Recite a verse make a wish,
Kiss the frog get a prince.
Sun sets in murky water,
Allah's gesture is clear.
Muhammad split the moon, what a miracle!
Apostates complain, idiocy at pinnacle.

I am a believer!  

Islam gives me a sense of pride,
A destructive impulse, deep inside!
Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, 
Had a nice curriculum.
Kill kafirs, leave no Muslim behind
Make other religions hard to find.
He is the guy, whom I adore,
All faiths will vanish but Islam will soar.
At the beginning, Muslims had to endure,
Now Islam will rule the world, for sure.

I am a believer.

My prophet, a man of love, better than cupid,
Found many wives, never tired, never timid.
As generous as one can be, he had no flaw,
Donated a concubine to son-in-law.
He loved everyone, even adopted son's wife,
They got married, spent rest of the life.
Muhammad was compassionate without border,
Married Ayesha the kid, Allah's order!
Khadija, Mariah, Hafsa. Zainab,
A few of Muhammad's loves!

I am a believer!

Religion of Islam makes me nostalgic,
Neither I care for reason nor logic.
Although, Allah gives me a lot of pain,
When I need sunshine, I get rain.
Sometimes I am skeptical,
Questions explode, being analytical.
I ask an Islamic scholar,
Is Quran from god, I wonder?
The answer I receive,
"Shut up and believe".

I am a believer!
I am a believer!

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