Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Breeding Piranhas

300,000 years BCE. In a bright sunny day a few Homo sapiens are preparing for hunting. These early people are hairy but not slow-witted as some future archaeologists may think. Men are sharpening their newly invented spears. These spears have wooden handles that will make hunting easier. They have learned to stay together and invented fire that keeps their cave worm. One woman is playing a flute made of a bear bone. In a future date, when this astonishing flute will be discovered, it will blow away the mind of Jelle Atema, a Boston University biologist and flute fanatic. In the corner of the cave, three men are drawing pictures of animals. They are smart enough to find colors from nature. These early Michelangelos are making red color from Iron oxide and black from manganese or charcoal left over from cooking fires. Oils from plants and animals will be added to these colors. Painting brushes made of animal hairs are as good as brushes that will be used by Picasso.  

Invention, Art and Music are the icons of human race. People of future will proudly recall their ancestors for not becoming extinct. These civilized minds of uncivilized age laid the foundation of humankind.  

Year 2004 AD, in a remote village of an Islamic country a group of students is chanting a chorus. No, they are not singing or reciting a poem. Singing is prohibited in this classroom and it's an unforgivable sin. Sitting on years old faded rugs they are memorizing verse 5 of Sura Al-Tawba..."So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush,...".  Their synchronized voice is sending a chilling message to rest of the world. The only Teacher/ Principal/ Administrator of this school is Mullah Al-Sadr. The stone-faced teacher is listening carefully, eyes half-closed. He is holding a stick with one hand and another hand is busy brushing his long beard, occasionally itching for possible lice. He never laughs. Laughing is an unacceptable behavior in Islam and it's against Mohammad' teachings. Seldom has he smiled but only a crack on his lips showed part of his dirty yellow teeth. He just whipped two of his students. Reciting Quran is a serious business. Any mistake may degrade the layer of heaven after death. As a teacher he may have to take some responsibility too. Thinking of the consequences he shivers, as if he just swallowed a rotten fish.  

Time stopped here. The clock did not move a minute since 7th century. These students are trained and brain washed to stay in the era of Mohammad. This power hungry warrior changed the course of humanity and deviated from the mainstream civilization. Blind followers of this leader will remain obsessed with the ideology and make their own society enveloped in hate and violence. Textbooks of this classroom are Quran, Ahadith, Sirat-e-Rasul and other Islamic books, and they are in Arabic only. Mullah General's warning, "Studying English or any other language may cause serious injury to Muslims' health". Physics, Chemistry or Calculus are simply unknown subjects. No science to ponder, no sociology to uphold humanistic values. There is no zeal for invention, no zest for earthly life.        

Neither a World Map nor a Periodic Table is hanging on the wall. However there is a picture of a black cube known as Kaba, the holiest place on the Earth. Around the cube, spaghetti like drawing reveals Allah and Mohammad's relationship in Arabic letter. Sunni section of Islam prohibits taking or displaying pictures. If the original painting of Mona Lisa is presented to this Mullah, he will not smile like her, rather he will save it for annual festival of burning US flags. This precious painting will be used to make a nice bonfire.  

No invention. No music. No art. This is real Islam. Undoubtedly, These uncivilized minds of civilized age are serious threat to humanity.  

Piranhas are the most dangerous aquatic species of the world. Like Mullahs, these Piranhas have gentle appearance but they possess powerful, razor sharp teeth. Most of the Mullahs of this world live in warm weather. Likewise Piranhas love to live in warm water too. These bloodthirsty fishes flock to their target and strip it of all its flesh in no time. This pattern of staying together and attacking a subject sadly resembles the human piranhas that will be produced from Madrasas. No one would breed Piranhas in his own swimming pool. Unfortunately our Islamic countries are deliberately breeding human Piranhas in their own backyard. These Madrasas are mostly state sponsored and produce numerous Jihadists every year. These Jihad academies continue to produce an army of holy warriors loyal to real Islam.  

The Piranhas of Madrasas slowly amalgamate themselves with other Muslims. Conducting prayer is their main job. However Half, Mini or Hypocrite Muslims often call the adult Piranhas to facilitate various religious ceremonies. These Piranhas know the art of slaying and they artistically slit the throat of a cow, lamb or a goat. They are the experts in this traditional Islamic method and they have proven their talent by slitting the throat of innocent Journalist Daniel Pearl. Proudly they also circulate the picture of slitting throat at Friday's prayer. The degree of brutality is so severe that other three types of Muslims are ashamed of the Mullahs.  

If Muslims are sincerely thinking of reforming Islam, should not they close the door of Madrasas and go after those Piranhas?

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