Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

An Unholy Alliance

Far away, there was an old man who lived with seven of his sons. The old man had everything that he needed but peace. His grown sons would continually brawl with each other with sheer hostility. One day, he called all of his sons together and gave them a pack of seven sticks. When asked, each son tried to break the bundle but no one succeeded. The old man ordered them to open the bundle and handed one stick to each of his sons. Sure enough, all of them broke their sticks into pieces.

The parable that contains the moral “United we stand, divided we fall” may seem a little childish, but today’s world is in dire need of such objective. Given the intricacy of Islam and the need for confrontation, no one realizes that the people, whether they subscribe to one faith or none, must be united to combat this dragon.

Some non-religious people like to fight Islam single-handedly while keeping other fronts of war with various religions open, which, of course, is impractical and a poor strategy. Some like to reform Islam and rescue oppressed Muslim women, yet they don’t realize that Muslims have no intention of reforming Islam and Muslim women have no desire to be saved. Some sympathize with Muslims’ age-old technique: “the victim game”. Even hardcore Christians like to have a dialogue with Muslims to find a common ground. In a nutshell, it is a chaotic situation, which indeed is a very favorable setting for Islam to grow slowly and surely.

According to, out of about 10,000 unique religions in the world, one-third (33%) of the world’s population belongs to Christianity, about 21% are Muslims and 16% claim to be non-religious. Nevertheless, there are numerous divisions among Christians and many sects in Islam, too. Non-religious people are composed of atheists, agnostics or simply the ‘Don’t care for anything’ group. Muslims comprise less than one quarter percentage of the world’s population yet it seems like the whole world is shaking in fear of an Islamic Tsunami.

Consider what it would be like to find out that a group of alien warlords from a distant planet are about to attack Earth. Scientists of each nation unanimously agree to the fact and the only way to stop the invasion is nuclear response. They also calculated that the amount of nuclear power needed barely equals the combined amount of all nuclear bombs that we have in all nations, including North Korea and Iran. Though Ahmedijad of Iran will lick the Quran with joy and passion, and playboy Kim Jong II of North Korea will be dancing with his exposed thong, they too will eventually participate for the sake of their own survival. Such is the power of threat that makes people unite.

Sadly, most of the people do not understand the magnitude of threat that Islam possesses. Instead of focusing on Islam, they are barking up the wrong tree. The atheists are busy killing the god of believers, agonistics are on a mission to disprove all religions, Christians are preaching desperately to bring all non-believers into their camps and Hindus are adamant to fight the Christian missionaries.

They all realize the impact of radical Islam but fail to pay attention to moderate Islam. Perhaps more so than they realize, moderate Islam is much more dangerous than radical Islam.

Vanguards of radical Islam are impatient and they would like to see an Islamic world appear over night. They don’t suppress their agenda, which makes it easier to identify them. However, professors of moderate Islam are very calculative and they proceed sophistically, often using the boat of democratic values. At the end, when Muslims will become the majority, they would not hesitate to implement ‘Jyzia’ tax on Christians and Jews, and slit the throats of ex-Muslims, atheists and agonistics.

Think of a small city in a western country. Three moderate Muslims have just moved in; two have families and the third person is single. They seem very social and the last time they visited your home, two of them drank bottles of beer without hesitation. The single guy repeatedly confirmed the importance of religious tolerance and quoted a gem from the Quran, ‘There is no compulsion in religion’.

Five years later, the single person returns home and brings back a pious wife, and more relatives join the other two families. Though only a few seem religious, they solicit others to fast and pray five times a day. Every Friday, they get together in one of the houses and discuss religion extensively. Fasting becomes a social decorum and they all gather in one of their houses by rotation to enjoy iftar (breaking the fast).

Another five years pass by. Now there are about 1000 Muslims in town. They have created their own mosque, which plays a significant role in uniting all Muslims. So far, there is no report of any violence but hatred for the host country and loyalty to Ummah are preached, practiced and celebrated. The guy who drank beer with you 10 years ago now only eats halal food. You have not seen him lately and the last time you talked to him, you felt an imaginary barrier has grown between you two.

Within the next 10 years, 10% of the city’s population become Muslims. There have been a few incidences of violence including honor killing, rape and a violent protest against a newspaper that dared to ask if Islam is a religion of peace. Most of the Muslims do their banking with Islamic banks, though these banks are losing concerns and surviving on subsidy money from Saudi Arabia. Muslims demand that halal food should be served in the school for all students, Muslim women must be allowed to wear the Hijab or Burkha, even if it is for a driving license, and their mosques should be allowed to use microphones and scream five times a day.

After 15 years, the situation changes abruptly. Now the number of Muslims has increased to 30% of the population. There are several politicians who represent Muslims. They make laws, safeguarding Islam and its culture, and critiquing Islam becomes taboo. Several newspapers and TV stations are owned by Muslims who continuously preach Islam and openly degrade other religions. Non-Muslims are often harassed verbally for their idiotic faith, or having no faith. The guy who had a few drinks with you 35 years ago just performed the annual Haj (Islamic pilgrimage) and is more serious about Islam than ever before. In fact, in a recent talk with him, he clearly pitied your religion and invited you to embrace Islam. The consequence of not becoming a Muslim is not pretty at all, as he gave a graphic description of hell that would grill your body. He also hopes that soon Muslims will be able to implement ‘Jizya Tax’ on the ‘People of the book’, and get rid of all non-religious people and idol worshippers. Apparently, he could not remember that he talked about ‘No compulsion in religion’ 35 years ago.

What will happen after 20 years, when Muslims will comprise 51% of the population?

Well, it’s almost Halloween time. Get ready to become one of those spooky characters that would be haunting around in the Halloween night.

One may ask why moderate Muslim countries are not enforcing strict Islamic laws and forcing non-religious people to become Muslims. The reason is obvious. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Kafirs are still going strong and they are controlling most of the world’s economy. So Muslims really don’t have a choice. However, when Kafir countries fall under Islamic rule, be assured that the most moderate Muslim country in today’s standard will make the Taliban of Afghanistan look moderate.

Think of a mass protest against Islam from the people of all faiths and no faith. If 79% of the world’s population screams, “Islam is evil, Mohammed was a criminal and Allah is a gangster”, it will take no time for Islam to be shattered. In fact, a medium size synchronized sneeze of 79% of the people of the world will blow away Islam.

Alas! It is not happening.

Atheists are rejecting all religions, Christians are fantasizing that Islam will be reformed, Hindus are compromising with all demands of Muslims, Buddhists are listening quietly, and the virtue of tolerance is making way for Islam to spread worldwide. No one has the ability to see the morbid future that would inspire them to be united.

Though it is an unholy alliance, all non-religious people--including atheists, agonistics and ex-Muslims--need to unite with all other religious groups to combat the common enemy of humanity: Islam.

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