Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Buraq Ride in London

Drum roll please!

Muslims of Britain are planning to reshape the skyline of London by adding a massive mosque near the Olympic complex that will hold 40,000 'faith-fools' of Islam  - according to a report of 'The Sunday Times of Britain'.

What mosque has to do with the modern Olympic? Ancient Olympic, which was a part of religious festival at Olympia that honored Greek god Zeus with parades and sacrifices, has evolved impressively over the time. Today's Olympic is not only about medals and records but also an international reunion. The essence of Olympic and its distinctive secularism bring people of all nations together. Greeks believed that victors were divinely favored and they were rewarded with a crown of olive leaves, cut from Zeus' blessed orchard. The athletes used to swore oaths on slices of boar's flesh to abide the rules of the games.

The Sunday Times of Britain reveals "-its surrounding buildings would hold a total of 70,000 people, only 10,000 fewer than the Olympic stadium-. The complex is designed to become the "Muslim quarter" for the Games, acting as a hub for Islamic competitors and spectators-.. The new building will be called the London Markaz (Arabic for center) and will be built in place of an existing mosque on a 10-acre site 500 yards from the Olympic development."

Why Muslim athletes and spectators need special quarter? Can't they share the sprit of Olympic with the people of other nations and faith? No, they cannot. Muslims, inflated with ego and prejudice that derive from Quranic teachings, believe that they are superior to others. When whole world is striving to become secular, Muslims must go back to the hole of Islam and separate themselves from rest of the mankind. If Muslims are adamant to give Islam a new life at the Olympic, may be Olympic committee should bring back the ancient tradition of Greek religion i.e. have all athletes swear oaths on slice of boar's flesh.

The notorious Tabligi Jamaat, an Islamic political party who is behind the project claims that it's only a humanitarian work. Indeed it is! Making special arrangement for Muslims is a humanitarian work because they are the humans and rest are infidels. Tabligi Jamaat has a reputation of doing many humanitarian works that includes recruiting for Al-Qaeda - as a senior US anti-terrorism official disclosed.

Muslims already have the largest worshipping place in London - the Baitul Futuh in Morden, Surrey holds about 10,000 people whereas the biggest cathedral that Christians have at Liverpool, has a capacity of 3,000 -Sunday Times announced. Still it's not enough for Muslims. They need a bigger mosque and a designated place for Muslim athletes that would isolate them from other participants of Olympic, which will simply damage the spirit of Olympic.

Muslims are obsessed with three 'M's, i.e. Mohammad, Mosques and 'Madrasas'. In any Islamic country, mosques grow faster than mosquitoes and they play an important role in nourishing hatred towards other faiths. Often the government sponsors this mosques and madrasas. It's a well-known fact that madrasas are the breeding ground of bearded piranhas, the cutthroat 'Jihadi' soldiers of Allah. Moderate Muslims, the apparent preachers of peaceful religion never say a word against this madrasas or initiate a movement to close these swamps.

Saudi Arabia and many other Islamic countries are good at exporting oil and mosques. They don't ship readymade mosques but generously finance in this project. In USA, more than 80 percent of an estimated 1200 mosques have been built within the last 20 years, mostly with Saudi money. It's a vicious cycle. We buy oil from them and they use the money to spread Islam, as Daniel Pipes, the head of the Middle East Forum in Philadelphia said, "You certainly can say that U.S. oil purchases end up funding U.S. mosques."

Sunday Times of Britain also gave an estimated amount that will cost to build the gigantic project. It's expected, more than 100m will be spent, which equals to 173 million dollars. Considering many unforeseen expenses, as it happens to any project, let's round it up to 200 million dollars. 

The yearly revenue of the government of Maldives, a proud Muslim country with a crescent on her flag, is a little over 200 million dollars. This comparison gives an idea of Muslims' understanding of their own little world, the so-called 'Ummah'.  Muslims blatantly claim that all Muslims are brothers (a cult behavior) but they are reluctant to help other Muslim countries. The amount of money that will be wasted behind the so-called great mosque could easily have change the fate of Maldives, if invested on a productive industry. 

Actually, I have a better and guaranteed moneymaking plan for the Muslims of London. They really need to lighten up. What's wrong in being jolly and holy at the same time? Christians have Santa Clause and rain deer; Hindus have colorful Diwali and dance festival; now it's time for Muslims to add some colors to their religion.

The magical place of Disney world has many rides for the young and young at heart. Peter Pan is one of those classic rides where visitors are boarded in a small pirate ship and fly through the sky, above the glittering lights of London. The flight takes tourists to the Never Land to meet more mythical characters - the mermaids, Tick Tock the crocodile, Tinker bell and many more.

What if, Muslims of London make a theme park instead of the unproductive mosque? This park will be called 'La La Land', meaningful at best and the name will also synchronize the word Allah, the god of Muslims. Just like Peter Pan's ride, Mohammad's ship will fly over a nighttime cityscape of London and slowly enter a split moon. (Q54:1).

Quran and Ahadith have so much material for making a theme park that if Walt Disney was alive today, he would have planned many more rides based on these books. I see a great potential in 'Buraq', the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) of Mohammad. (Q17:01; Bukhari-V5, B 58, N 227). The great prophet went on a journey to Meet Allah, riding this white animal, which was smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey. Some Muslims believe this animal's upper part was like a woman, which is even better because this fascinating character will make the ride more adventurous. The 'Buraq ride' could be the longest ride of the world. As Mohammad, while flying on Buraq, went to all of seven heavens - proposed ride can also go through the same scenarios.

(Based on Bukhari-V5, B 58, N 227) Tourists will love watching 90 feet (70 cubit) tall Adam is running on a treadmill in the first heaven, John and Jesus are reading magazines in the second and Joseph, watching movie in the third. Finally, seventh heaven would bring the most excitement - leaves of trees are as big as elephant's ear and fruits are bigger than jars, there are four rivers of which two are hidden and other two are Nile and Euphrates. Mohammad did not disclose the name of two hidden rivers; it would be good opportunity to name one river as Thames and another as Amazon, which would give a universal look of the 'La La land'. Another interesting scene would be Mohammad is bargaining with Allah to reduce the number of prayers.

Apostle's apocalyptic address on judgment day can be an added feature of the theme park - Allah is rolling up the sky in his right hand, as if playing with 'Yo Yo' (Muslim B39, N 6703) and non-Muslims are crawling on their face. This area should be restricted to adults only because people waiting for the judgment will be naked, barefooted and uncircumcised (Bukhari V4, B55, N 568).

Would not it be wise to spend $200 million behind a productive venture instead of a mosque? Many jobs will be created and the profit of this project can be used to improve many people's life. After taking a few rides of the park, some Muslims may even find that their faith has become stronger! If Muslims are hesitant to share the wealth with Kafirs, they could, at least change lives of other Muslims who are living in ghettos.

Sure enough, all Muslims, including the so-called moderates will reject my business plan.

In a serious note, Muslims need to get away from the rigidity of Islamic teachings, breathe fresh air of the secular world and participate in the Olympic without Islamic influence.

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