Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Pakistan's Descent into Chaos

If you have observed the tussle between the armed forces and the present Government of Turkey in recent past, you might have felt a little unease at the apparent ham-handedness of Turkish armed forces. The armed forces have come across as quite nervous and doubtful of the intentions of the Government of Prime Minister Erdogan. He has been accused of trying to endanger secularism in Turkey by sneaking Islam through the back door. I certainly felt uneasy about it until I reflected on the recent history of my own country.

In 1947 when Muhammad Ali Jinnah proclaimed Pakistan as an independent state, it was unequivocally proclaimed to be a secular state. Jinnah instructed his people that religion was not to be the business of the state and that each and every individual will be free to go to their mosques, temples or synagogue. Unfortunately for Pakistan and the world at large, (hundreds of Pakistan-related atrocities could have been avoided, if Jinnah had succeeded), Jinnah passed away before he had the chance to put his words into practice.

Not many years after Jinnah’s death we received our first Satan incarnate, PM Liaquat Ali khan, who promulgated Islam to be the religion of Pakistan in the constitution. It has been all downhill since then.

Liaquat was shot dead not long after this promulgation, after which the new country was subjected to abuse from several power brokers.

Almost all of those power usurpers, secularist or openly Islamist, used Islam as the shield to lengthen their stint in power. They either did not know or did not care that Islamic ideology can simply be described as cancer. Once unleashed, it simply begins to take over. It encroaches in all aspects of life and society, and violently fights any attempts at limiting or eliminating it.

I must add here that America's penchant for reigning supreme and bringing down the Soviet Union was also instrumental in spreading this cancer in Pakistani society. This fact must also be qualified with the fact that the primary culprits were Pakistani leaders and society; without their connivance, America may have moved on to find different theaters of action.

Once American objectives were met, it moved on leaving the illness behind. Tariq Ali describes this action quite aptly as using Pakistan like a condom.

This illness is now spreading fast, threatening to consume not only Pakistan but also India and the rest of the world. The people of Pakistan are only half-heartedly fighting this battle. They share the same religion, same scriptures and sympathize with what the barbarians are trying to accomplish.

Islam is impractical and medieval. Its scriptures forbid all progress and curtail freedom. It forbids rational thoughts and turns humans into zombies. The mind-numbing rituals hamper normal life and extinguish all critical thinking. Hence, we have a population which is falling fast into hypocrisy and ‘double think’ of mega proportion. Let me qualify this. According to Islamic scriptures, the following things are forbidden:

  • Garlic

  • Banking

  • Stock market trading

  • Music

  • Pictures (TV, Cinemas are all banned according to Zakir Naik and all other scholars) and any art forms except for perhaps quranic calligraphy

  • Eyebrows plucking or hair dying or hair replacement for women.

  • Women traveling without Mahram (close related male like brother, husband, father)

  • Women’s right for divorce (no power can grant divorce to a woman until the husband okays it)

  • Women showing their faces or any part of their bodies

  • Women’s mixed education

  • Women working in a mixed environment

  • Permission of marriage underage girls

  • Trading or being friendly with non-believers

This short list is not exhaustive. How can one live in this world with the rest of civilization and still call themselves a Muslim? The majority of Pakistanis do not live like that. The result is that accepting Islam as a way of life produces a whole army of hypocrites. But this is not the end of the matter because once you are in, there is no way out...

Islam has inbuilt mechanisms, which protect it from being tampered with, to bring it into the 21st century. It also prescribes capital punishment for blasphemers and apostates. Hence, no serious or independent discussion of Islam can take place. Participants, showing any critical thinking, are immediately threatened with their life. Just watch some Pakistani programmes, which are attempting to ignite debate; you will see how participants are cowed in fear and openly sugar coat their answers to hide the lies of Islam.

Muslims have killed their consciousness to repeat the same answers to difficult questions, a few listed below:

Q: Why did Muhammad rape a child?

A: Kids achieved puberty at an early age in those days.

Q: Why did Muhammad rape captives of war?

A: It was the custom in those days.

Q: Why did Muhammad rob?

A: To get compensated for his loss upon migration.

Q: Why did Muhammad kill innocent people of Bani Qurayza?

A: It wasn’t him, it was Allah.

Q: Why did Muhammad commit incest by marrying his daughter in law?

A: To get rid of a bad custom of people treating their adopted children as their own.

Q: Why did Muhammad deal in slave-trade?

A: To regulate the trade.

Q: Why did Muhammad torture the chief of Jewish tribe Kinana for information of hidden treasure, couldn’t his all knowing Allah help him out?

A: Allah did not wish to interfere.

Q: Why did Muhammad eat the poisoned mutton shoulder and claimed that it was this which had killed him three years later?

A: Don’t ask. Only Allah knows.

Q: Why did Muhammad leave Islam in such a violent mess that 3 subsequent khalifa were killed in a brutal manner by Muslims themselves?

A: Muhammad left a perfect religion but people have not followed it properly.

Pakistan is in dire straits. Pakistani people must face certain realities. India did not start the wars, and did not lose the wars. Our curricula history books tell lies. Read independent history. India did not break up East Pakistan.

Islam is not a peaceful religion.

The world is not conspiring against the ‘citadel of Islam’, called Pakistan. Pakistan IS NOT the citadel of Islam. We must look at ourselves for our depravity.

People must pluck courage and read their own scriptures with open mind; they either jettison this cult out of their life, or at least, send it into private domain. Unless and until they do that, Pakistan's descent into chaos will continue.

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