Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Let Hamas Uphold Allah’s Words

It is shocking for Muslims to learn that, according to the Quran, both Allah and Mohammed, sided with Israel, although trees and stones side with Muslims!

After the dramatic events of June the 14th, when Hamas successfully seized control of the Gaza strip, they declared that Gaza is a liberated area and ready for the Islamic rule. Millions of Muslims in Gaza and around the world cheered to the news that, at last, real Muslims are in control of their struggle against the Jews. Hamas’s disgusting show of violence depicting mutilations and throwing of their opponents from the top of high rise buildings, was not allowed to spoil the Islamists party mood, even though the victims, this time, were fellow Palestinians—their own flesh and blood.

Hamas maintains that the war against Israel is a religious war, and must be fought on religious grounds. This view is shared by millions of Muslims around the globe. Nearly all Muslims are aware of a hadith, which has predicted the Muslims’ fight against the Jews. Even stones and trees, according to the hadith, will side with Muslims and trample the Jews. Muslims are adamant that these inanimate objects will communicate to them in Arabic and will reveal the positions of the hidden Jews. The readers may rightly think that only dumb and stupid people will believe such nonsense tales. But there are millions of such Muslims around. Even the late Palestinian leader, Yassir Arafat, before his death, quoted that hadith on television. A few months ago, Aljazeera was not ashamed to broadcast a report by one of its journalists that a tree disclosed the position of a Jew to a couple of Palestinian mujahideen!!

However, ahadith are only the second source in Islam and Muslims may suddenly choose not to believe the most authenticated hadith, if that helps their agenda.

What does the Quran say?

Let us focus to the Quran, Allah’s words, and see if Allah had said anything in relevance to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Please read on and prepare yourself for a complete surprise!

When we talk about the Quran and the Jews, most people think of the many insulting verses in the Quran describing the Jews as pigs and monkeys (Q.2:65, Q.5:60, Q.7:166). Those verses are Muslims’ favourite, especially, when loud speakers happen to be around. Since we are certain that the Jews are neither monkeys nor pigs, we have to assume that Allah was not serious when He revealed the above verses. It might be that Allah revealed such verses in moments of anger. This is the only way to explain the contents of many other verses, which say nice things about the Jews.

We do not know why suddenly Allah’s mood swings from one extreme to another, but most probably, this has something to do with Mohammed’s own mood at the time, and his relations with the Jewish tribes at the time of ‘revelations’. For those who are not familiar with the Quran, it is worth mentioning that stories of the Jews and their prophets occupy a large proportion of the Quran with boring repetitions. The name of Moses is the most frequently mentioned name in the Quran, probably mentioned more than all other prophets put together. Again, we have no explanation why Allah decided to speak repeatedly, but still briefly, and with no added information, about an issue of no relevance to our lives, such as the Jews and their prophets. This is especially true when He only touched briefly, or missed completely, on other matters of life and death.

Let us read some of what the Quran says about the Jews:

Allah preferred the Jews to all other ethnicities:

Q.2: 47. Children of Israel! call to mind the favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all others.

Allah chose the Jews above all others, a decision based on deep knowledge of everything:

Q.44: 32. And We chose them aforetime above the nations, knowingly.

Allah lists some of the privileges He gave to the Jews, which no other nation enjoys. These are: the Book, the Power, and the Prophethood. Everything Allah gives to the Jews is pure and of high quality. Allah makes it clear to every one that he favours the Jews to all other ethnicities—a real VIP treatment! Here is the proof:

Q.45: 16. We did aforetime grant to the Children of Israel the Book the Power of Command, and Prophethood; We gave them, for Sustenance, things good and pure; and We favoured them above the nations.

Above, I just cited three verses. There are many similar verses in the Quran, and they all indicate clearly that Mohammed’s Allah prefers the Jews to all other nations. Is Hamas willing to treat the Jews as a preferred nation to Allah? Can Hamas accept that Allah has chosen the Jews among all other people?

Now, please read this verse from Surat Al-Maeda (sura 5):

5:21. "O my people! Enter the holy land (Palestine) which Allâh has assigned to you, and turn not back (in flight) for then you will be returned as losers." (Tr. Hilali and Khan)

Q.5: 21. "O my people! Enter the holy land which God hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin."(Yusuf Ali)

Allah repeats His assertion in 2:58:

2:58. And (remember) when We said: "Enter this town (Jerusalem) and eat bountifully therein with pleasure and delight wherever you wish, and enter the gate in prostration (or bowing with humility) and say: 'Forgive us,' and We shall forgive you your sins and shall increase (reward) for the good-doers." (Tr. Hilali and Khan)

Surprisingly, the language of the above verses is plain and simple, verse 5:21 would appropriately be translated into simple English like this:

‘O my people! Enter the holy land (Palestine), which Allah has written for you’

The above verses are clear indications that Allah has assigned the holy land (Palestine, Jerusalem and Jericho—Jalayn and ibn Abbas) to the Jews. It is a clear statement that Allah had documented in writing in His protected tablet (Allawhul Mahfuz), presumably in the land registry section. Allah has not, at all, mentioned the Arabs, the Palestinians, or the Muslims as the inheritor of the land of Palestine. What Hamas is going to do with these verses? How can they uphold Allah’s words when they do not even recognize Israel? Logically, there are only two options for Hamas: either to recognize Israel or to denounce Islam.

Predictably, they will choose neither. As Islamists always do, they will come up with their own explanation, which has no relevance to the real meaning of the verses.

Theoretically and Quranically, the above verses should, on their own, settle the Arab/Israeli dispute for good. Ask Muslims about it and you get a very strange reaction. They go into a period of silence as if they hear the verses for the first time, although they probably had read it hundreds of times before, but without thinking of its significance and its relevance to our time. Then, to avoid the obvious damage, they resort to their unconvincing defence of twisting the meaning in any way they wish.

Needless to say, Muslims will be left with deep wounds when they realize that their Mohammed and his Allah have, probably unknowingly, sided with their enemy.

As said before, the Muslims’ reaction to the above verse is truly strange. However, the Jewish attitude is even stranger, as they hardly ever use it to their advantage.

Bizarrely, we still think the Jews are clever!

Mumin Salih is an Arab ex-Muslim

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