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'Islam-watch Has Been Harsh on Indian Muslims' : A Hindu Reader

A regular Hindu reader and an occasional contributor of our Website feels that Islam-watch has been too harsh on Indian Muslims in a comment made in an article. Following is the exchange:


The letter:

Dear Mr Khan,
I have been following you site for a long time and I appreciate your effort to expose religious fundamentalism. I agree with most of your points, but I think you are becoming a bit careless, or being too busy, do not read articles before posting them. Below is an excerpt from a write-up by one of your authors:

As a matter of fact, the Muslims of this divided India have no moral and ethical right to stay in this country. In 1940, these people said that they were a different nation and it was not possible for them to live peacefully with the hateful Hindu Kafirs. In 1947 they got their homeland Pakistan but these treacherous and mischievous people did not go to their cherished land but continued to stay in this country as resident non-Indians with their hidden agenda to make entire India into a dar-ul-Islam. Hindus of this country should have kicked them out as soon as Pakistan had been created.

Don't you think things are going a bit too far here, your judgment over Indian Muslims (I suppose you are one of them) is rather harsh..?

Yours faithfully

MA Khan's reply:

I concede that cannot read every posting thoroughly. I don't get that kind of time. Therefore, some of the comments passed through the editor may be step out of the mark of acceptability.

Concerning the objectionable excerpt you quoted, I agree that, to civilized conscience, it would sound harsh on Indian Muslims. But on a logical ground, the comment stands. What is said in the article is all that Muslims wanted in the 1940s, didn't they?

India's Muslims, for creating a separate homeland—a home of the pure (pak)for themselves, unleashed harrowing barbarity, a Jihad in the 1940s. Millions died; hundreds of thousands of mostly Hindu and Sikh women were violated; millions of Hindus and Sikhs were force-converted to Islam. What was all this meant for?

Muslims gleefully supported the separatist campaign, but when the partition truly happened, they found it impractical to move thousands of miles. They stayed back. Now they are causing all sorts of problem for India: from social and economic backwardness to violence and terrorism. As Islamic radical builds up globally, a starker reality, in all likelihood, will visit India in the decades to come.

The fact is: it is Muslims who wanted a separate state, because they wouldn't want to live in a land dominated by the kafir Hindu majority—a dar al-harb; they were eager to undertake hijrat to a Muslim homeland. But when the Partition really took place in 1947 at the cost of immense life and property, more Hindus were made to undertake hijrat under the yoke of harrowing persecution and brutality in Pakistan. For those who remained defying the persecution, had to make the same journey too, albeit at a later time, under various kinds of compulsions, including mass eviction through violent tools. During the Partition, some 350,000 Hindu moved from today's Bangladesh (East Pakistan) to India, while only 70,000 Muslims made their much-craved hijrat to East Pakistan. In the post-Partition period, some 1015 million Hindus were forced to leave today's Bangladesh. Moreover, tens of thousands of Muslims have also moved to India  since the Partition and the infiltration continues. In today's Pakistani part, Hindus have suffered worse persecution; their number has dwindled from a post-Partition 10% to about 1% today.

Yes! To civilized conscience, the comment sounds harsh on Muslims, but that's what they eagerly wanted. But much harsher cruelty has been perpetrated upon Hindus, inflicted upon them in reality, which draws little attention. There appears very few conscientious people, when it comes to the persecution of Hindus. The nation of India is yet to suffer more for its mistake of 1947—that is, for not implementing what Muslims doggedly demanded and caused immense sufferings to achieve it. The future reality may turn out dreadful for India.

MA Khan is the editor of Website and the author of upcoming book, Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery.

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