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Encounter with a Hiz-ut Tahrir Ideologue

Hizb-ut Tahrir, which has its organizational outfits all over the world and aims to create a global imperialistic Islamic caliphate, will likely emerge as the be biggest Islamic challenge to the free world in a few decades. Recently Khandaker Golam Mowla wrote to us complaining about an article of Andrew Morgan, in which the author mistakenly portrayed him as Dr Syed Golam Mowla, the founding leader of the Hizb-ut Tahrir Bangladesh.

While Khandaker Golam Mowla and Syed Golam Mowla appears to be different persons, ideologically they a mirror image of each other. Khandaker Mowla has written a number of book in his emphatic support for the establishment of Islamic caliphate. His books would of immense value to Hizb-ut Tahrir for its ideological propaganda. I, therefore, call him a Hizb-ut Tahrir ideologue, since he claims he has no connection with Hizb-ut Tahrir organization.

In the introduction of his book, The Judgment Against Imperialism, Fascism and Racism Against Caliphate and Islam (title is very confusing to me), he writes:

This book is all about Caliphate and Islam which was destroyed in 1914 through first illegal invasion of Iraq and Caliphate was abolished on 29th October, 1923 by Ataturk, a secret Jew according to Joachim Prinz as he mentioned in his famous book, The Secret Jews (pg 122). Largest Muslims which more than total Arab Muslims live in Indonesia and Malaysia and part of Philippine where no Muslim or Arab invader invaded and the fact is Europeans and USA invaded this countries. Sufis from Iran and Arab world spread Islam in these countries.

What attracted my attention is Mr. Mowla's claims concerning the spread of Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia and part of Philippine without the aid of any Islamic military invasion and that Sufis helped the propagation of Islam through peaceful missionary activity, not only in Southeast Asia, but also in rest of the Muslim world as it stands today. Indeed, this paradigm of Islam's propagation has become an accepted wisdom amongst scholars of Islam of all backgrounds.

I have done some serious research into these two popular claims, which I have presented in my book, Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery. And the outcome of my investigation points to a very contrary pictures. I, therefore, wrote to him:

Your books looks quite interest. Your style is forceful. I will definitely get hold of your book at some point as I have keen interest in the area of research.

Nonetheless, I just published a book: Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery. My research outcome as recounted in this book disputes some of your assertions, such as concerning the spread of Islam in Southeast Asia as well as its peaceful propagation by humanist Sufis. The real picture, if investigated properly, turns out far from your views.

I am attaching the PDF version of my book in this email for your consultation. I will be pleased if you return me your feedback, and possibly, correct me where I may have been wrong.

In response, Mr. Mowla called me misguided and wrote:

I am very sorry for you that you were misguided. You know nothing about Islam.


Legend has is that a group of Punjabi Khatris from Bhera was going to Haridwar for a holy dip in Ganga. On the way, they met Sufi Shamsuddin Tabrez who asked where were they going. When he was told by the Khatris about their plan, the saint reportedly asked whether they would become Muslim if he brought the Ganga right there. The Hindu Khatris accepted his offer and the saint literally brought the Ganga there and then the awe-struck Hindus as promised converted to Islam.

He also sent me other unnecessary links. The point is that he never bothered to read the relevant section of my book. If he did, he is obviously not willing to engage in a debate on the claims he make so forcefully in his book. Nonetheless, I wrote back:

You say: "I am very sorry for you that you were misguided. You know nothing about Islam."

It would sound silly to the highest degree, particularly from a scholar like you, to say that MA Khan know nothing about Islam, especially after reading this book. I definitely know about Islam, probably no less than you do, although my understanding could be different or incorrect. We can have a discussion/debate on that in my Website as well as yours.

I also urge you to read at least the section on Sufis' role in the propagation of Islam and on Islam's propagation in Southeast Asia in my book, on which you have a particular view. We can have an honest debate on this in my Website or in another as you may wish.

Mr. Mowla's reply was:

Mr., MA Khan

Again I am sorry for you as your parents are and I am over 62.

I have sent links on greatest saint of Islam and several of my family members are murids (disciple) of his descendants in Calcutta/Medinipur/Mongalkot sharif. So I and my ancestors saw hidden knowledge from them.

To me they are alive. Allah may guide you for your parents and grandparent if you are really a Khan from India.

MA Khan is the editor of and the author of  Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery.

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