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Living by the Point of My Spear

Prophet Mumammad BiographyThese questions and many more are answered in Living by the Point of my Speara thoroughly researched biography of Muhammad (also spelt Mohammed), revealing the hidden facts about Muhammad’s sayings and deeds that have disappeared from history for 1,400 yearsconcealed by the use of the old Arabic language, to fool other nations into thinking that Muhammad was a true prophet. Concealed by the deliberate methods of Muhammad himself, who frequently rewrote the prophecies he supposedly told and concealed through generations of followers who have rewritten and falsely interpreted the Quran.

Zaki Ameen is a Muslim and former Imam, who having researched the history of Muhammad and the origins of the Muslim faith, uncovered shocking facts about the Quran and about Muhammad’s life.  Living by the Point of My Spear lets you follow  Zaki Ameen’s journey of discovery to uncover the dark side of Muhammad.

The biography of Muhammad is addressed and dedicated primarily to Arabs and Muslims, however all readers will find content that is interesting, well researched and informative.  Written from the perspective of a Muslim, it is free from any western influences and is researched solely from Arabic literature and sources.

Being a former Imam of a mosque, Zaki Ameen understands the Arabic mentality and the suffering of Muslims as individuals and as a society.  Living by the Point of My Spear is the first time ever that an Arab has spoken out with such honesty and clarity on the secret truth of Muhammad.

Different sections of the book investigate the secret of Islam’s longevity, how Muhammad frequently rewrote the Quran using a method called Abrogation and how the Quran has been rewritten since the time of Muhammad.  It also explores how Mohammad received his ‘prophecies’, questioning the nature of Jibreel, the inspiring angel, whom he claimed inspired many of his propheciessome of which he would then rewrite or remove completely the next day on some new guidance.

The book looks in detail at the prophet Muhammad’s relationship with Abu Sufyan and at how Muhammad viewed and treated women, slaves and other nations, including the Turks.  It shows how he perpetuated the image of his own holiness, creating laws for sentencing those who disagreed with him to death and imposing different taxes on the nation’s he conquered, depending on their loyalty.

The book focuses particularly on two sections of the Quran: the Tawba chapters and how the so called Satanic Verses were explained away.

If you wish to discover the true biography of Muhammad and the true history of the Muslim nations, then Living by the Point of my Spear is the book for you.

About the author

Zaki Ameen dedicated his life to Islam.  He was raised as a Muslim and studied for a degree in Sharia law, in order to become a qualified Imam. Zaki earned his living from preaching and teaching the principles of Islam, working as an Imam in Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and many gulf states.

As he worked as an Imam in the gulf states, he started to realise how the teaching of Muhammad (also spelt Mohammed) and the Quran were used to deceive followers, in order to gain control, money and power. It was with deep agony that he realised what a fool he had been and how he had been brainwashed by a system that had been refined over centuries and how he had, in turn, brainwashed others.

Zaki left Islam and the Mosques and emigrated to the United States, to start a new career and a new life. He became a tax payer making a positive contribution to society. He now saw that being an Imam was like being a parasite, spreading lies and encouraging others to spread the lies of Muhammad.

Zaki started to accept, respect and love people as they are, without judgement. He accepted all people, including Muslims, whether they obeyed the orders of Allah, or not. This was a genuine love he had never felt before, unfettered by doctrine or religion.

What happened on 9/11 shocked him to his bones and it was shortly after this that he realised that he could not simply stop following Muhammad himself, he had to do more. He became obsessed and haunted by an irresistible urge to let the world know what he had discovered about Muhammad and Islam.

Thus began the journey to write a true biography of Muhammad and the true story of Islam – a long and dangerous journey to write, translate and publish the book that became Living by the Point of My Spear.

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