Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Erin's Shattered Love

An story of an American woman, Erin, whose life has been turned upside down for falling into trap of her Muslim man.

I came across your Web page and cried.

I'm dating a Muslim man now going on two years and it is pure hell: the fighting they jealousy the disrespect the pain in my heart.

He went from fun-loving, treating me like a queen; it was a fairy tale to a nightmare from hell.

WHEN WE FIRST STARTED DATING I HAD JUST LEFT MY KIDS' FATHER. I was only 24. I had just had enough. I was through.

My Muslim man had been trying to date me for two years an I said "no". But I needed a change after the break-up; he was my king.

Six months after we started, I lost my job and everything turn to pure hell. I moved in with him and the beatings started.

He didn't want me to go anywhere; the jealousy was crazy.

Then I started back working after five months and now he missed me. When I was at work, his whole attitude changed. But after my job didn't pay me for two months, I quit. I had no choice; they just refused to pay me. And I cried, because I knew all hell was going to break out and it did.

All we do is fight. I'm an American. For him, I've changed what I eat, what I cook, what I wear, who I talk to, and every thing. He's still not happy. We argue everyday, because I said no more. He hit me and I hit him back. Now all that we do is fight.

I'm dying. I don't even care anymore. He says he's going to put me and my kids out on the street. And I told him I don't even care; I'll rather be homeless than with him.

He checks my phone calls, his family watches my every move when outside. He is so kind; on the inside, he is a monster.

Pray for me, help me. Now he's pushing Islam on me.

And no, I have no problem with anyone's religion.

He is not my first Muslin boyfriend or the first outside my race. My first Muslim boyfriend was controlling too and I said "no" after three months.

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