Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Why Muslims suffer in non-Muslim countries?


A letter to Ali Sina, Editor FFI


Hello Mr. Sina

I am XXX and I was a Muslim. One of my friends told me about your site and exactly after 5 days reading it I quit Islam. Please publish this letter in your site. Don’t ignore it because I have problem with my English and nobody will help me. I even have an account in FFI by the name Fox.

I was born in Islamic religion. My qualification is 10th in a local medium. Yesterday the editors published a letter somebody sent you, entitled, "Sina Read This". In that letter he said, for a Muslim life in India is hell. I want to explain why for a Muslim life is hell, not only in India, but in any non Muslim country.

First of all, for Muslims, religion comes before nation, friends, family, love, etc. Everything is secondary. For example: recently police arrested a few terrorists in India. It is not a major news, but one thing interesting about these terrorists is that all of them are engineers and software professionals. All of them are Indians who were plotting to commit terrorist acts in India!.

Why they become terrorists? If you are from India, you would know what kind of income a software professional makes. A minimum of 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month, That’s really huge. So it’s clear that these people did not go after terrorism because they were poor and hungry. They are not uneducated uncultured dacoits. They are all university grads. The only reason they become terrorists is because of RELIGION and precisely ISLAM.

So, why life should be hard for Muslims in a non Muslim country such as India? It is because India is a secular country. You can find people of almost every religion here. But till today no religion has tried to take over this nation by force except ISLAM. Muslims want to convert everyone into Islam. People do not want to convert and this hurts Muslims. They resort to terrorism to achieve their goal.

Muslims are not trustworthy. Others notice that and do not trust them. Let me give you one example: I thought to do my 10+ 2 studies in a city. But I could not find room to rent. Why? Because I am a Muslim and people think I might be a terrorist! Finally, I found a room in a house of a Muslim family. In the first day the landlord came to my room and started preaching jihad! When I said killing is wrong, he started shouting at me. When I asked him about honor killing and stoning, he responded by throwing my luggage out of his house. I can’t go to another city as I do not have enough money to go far places. This is my personal example. As a Muslims I suffer but whose fault is it? Can we blame the non-Muslims for distrusting us when all we think of is how to kill them and how to shove our religion down their throat?

Sometimes ago, when in a game of cricket, Pakistan won the match against India, Indian Muslims celebrated with fireworks and crackers. What is the meaning of that? Where does the loyalty of Muslims lie? This is all because of ISLAM! Now tell me why should non Muslims like Muslims? Every country is facing the same problem. Muslims have no loyalty to the country where they live if that country is not Islamic.

In the past Hinduism had evil teachings such as baal vivaah (marriage of children), sati sahagaman (burning of widows), etc. Today Hindus have adopted widow marriage, girl education, etc. In the past the Church used to burn witches and infidels. Now that practice is abandoned. What I mean to say is, every religion has changed and the bad things in them are history. But Islam remains the same and it cannot change. Stoning, child marriage, wife abuse, polygamy, killing of apostates, are still there and will remain part of Islam for ever.

That is all I wanted to say Ali Sina. Please publish my letter. You can correct my English, but please publish it. People should know why Indian Muslims find it hard to live in India. It is all because of their belief and not because India treats them badly. Muslims are not going to be happy in any non-Muslim country, unless that country becomes Islamic.

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