Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

A Few Recent Testimonies of Leaving Islam


I am a so-called Muslim from India and now I hate it.


Sir, I agree with your ideas and I want to work for you in your fight against Islam, please, guide me in this regard.


Please, send my phone number to anyone you know working in this field in India.


I will feel happy to support them.


Thank you.





Dear Khaled,


Thanks for your eager interest to support our initiative.

Our activities are currently limited to publishing this website only. We do not have anything on the ground anywhere in the world yet.

In case, we initiate some activities on the ground in India, we will let you know.

MA Khan

Maher wrote:

Dear sir/madam,

Please help me leave Islam. I don’t have the courage to change, but convinced of my decision.

Thus I would really be thankful if you could help me out leaving Islam.

Thanking you in advance.


Dear Maher,

We are unsure of how to help you leave Islam. The best suggestion that I have for you is that you continue reading our site and convince yourself of what is the truth about Islam. You will be able to ditch Islam easily from your life once you have convinced yourself that Islam is truly false, made up by Muhammad.

Try to relate also the harm Islam has caused to the brothers and sisters of our human family over the last 14 centuries. An estimated 270 million otherwise innocent human beings were slaughtered just for not being Muslims or not accepting Islam. Up to 112 million non-Muslims were enslaved, majority of them women who were reduced to the degrading and dehumanizing profession of sex-slavery. Reflect on whether it is up to your dignity to keep yourself associated with such a degrading, dehumanizing and dangerous cult and you will be on your way out of Islam.

MA Khan

From JA,


I am a Muslim born with no choice. I am 14 now and am starting to realize the truth about Islam thanks to your website. But, as my mother allows me no free will to leave Islam, I need your help. I need you to tell me how to confront my mother about Islam and explain that I no longer want anything to do with this way of life. I tried telling her about some of the stuff on your site and she just kept on telling me that I can't trust sources on the Internet. Also, she says if I go on your website again, she'll remove some off my belongings (including the Internet). However, I do know how to clear my history and she doesn't know that much about computers so I know I'm fine.

My mother is also a Muslim born without choice, but she is a devout! She sings songs about Islam everyday and it drives me insane. She also won't shut up about Islam and Allah. It drives me insane! She must be stopped! I have to tell her that I need to leave Islam because I won't become a mindless drone of Allah. I want to be free. I want to feel liberated.

Thank you for reading and may all of you at Islam Watch live long and prosper.

Dear JA,

We are very encouraged that people as young as you are also being enlightened about Islam by reading our website.

About your mother, it is not easy for someone like her to give up Islam. The best way for you is to handle it as delicately as possible, so that you do not hurt your mother badly.

At this moment, it is better to point out to her about what you feel about Islam. Probably get some authentic Islamic texts such as the Quran and hadiths and show her occasionally those things you find horrible and express your views. That way, she will not have much to complain, since it is in the sacred text.

Otherwise, you have to just bear with her inanities about Islam and ignore it as best as possible. Where you disagree, you can make your point when she brings it up.

You are still young. Once you grow up and take charge of your own, it will be easy for you to follow your own course in religious matters.

Being enlightened about Islam does not mean that you will be able to change everyone. Just try to live your life the way you want, ignoring your mother’s religiosity and beliefs about Islam. When she tries to do wrong things because of her religious beliefs, point it out. Else, there is no need to hurt her. She is your mother and a very important part of your life. Try not to be too confrontational with her, which will spoil the family happiness for both of you.

MA Khan

Indian apostate (in the forum)

I am a regular visitor to both these sites and I have confirmed that what these two websites ( and FFI) revealing about Islam are nude truths. I have really read the 'Q' book every line for these 3 months with introspection and found that it is manifesto of hatred and superstition from a mad and maniac promising whore house entry and making humans to animals. I am philosophy student. I too had studied at madarsah in childhood but now I am enlighten by these two websites. I am now true Indian with true Indian dress and speaking happily my ancestral local language which I hated before. Thanks a lot to all of you humans.

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