Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

North Indian Muslim Woman Leaves Islam and Marries a Jew



Rohana write to Dr Ali Sina:

First of all let me salute you for the bravery and the resolve you have at exposing the lies of Islamists and the teachings of the Quran. Many a times I thought of writing to you, but have exercised restraint, partly because I did not want to expose myself to more pain.

I am a grown up woman with three adult children, I was born into a Muslim family in a North India. Fortunately, I was born with a sense of right and wrong. At a very young age I started questioning the the Imam who came home to teach me to read the Quran in Arabic. I could not understand what I read and he would not tell me what was written in the Quran. Simple reason, he himself did not know and needed to know. He was just doing a job he was being paid for. Moreover he did not understand Arabic like most Imams in non-Arab countries. I was supposed to read it as it was the word of Allah and not question it.

At the same time I could not stand male domination in my family and community. I made up my mind at an early age that I will not allow such domination in my life. I had seen grown up women in the family being beaten up with canes when they did not comply with the demands of the men or God forbid asked for equality or respect. I was just fortunate, I somehow through sheer perseverance and hard work got a college degree. All throughout I had to keep my feelings towards Islam to myself as I was too afraid to be vocal about it. I got higher education and did all a good Muslim girl is not supposed to. Move to a different city for education, wear pants, and have male friends.

At some point of my adult life, I decided to read the Quran in English and also read Islam’s history, Hadith and Sira. I was disgusted, and decided never to marry a Muslim; I ended up marrying a Jew, who was a classmate. This is when I saw the wrath of the men in my family. I took the beating but did not budge from my decision.

We ended up living in Israel. Today I live in Kansas and have many of my Muslim family members living on the East Coast. I am seeing their hatred of Jews and Israel. And trust me they are all doctors and engineers but still have the 7th century Arab mentality. Its getting worse. Many women are back in the Hijab, and these members of my family do not miss any opportunity to ridicule me in public or make derogatory remarks about Jews or Israel. I did not live in Israel for very long as I moved to US but I did not feel like an alien in that country. I was accepted and treated like any other citizen.

What is wrong with Muslims is the question. In my opinion, a lot is to do with peer pressure. It’s just like kids who refuse to smoke or drink or do drugs are not cool, the same way Muslims who do not behave in a certain way are not real Muslims. They are always worried about acceptance; being a part of the Muslim community means a lot to them as they do not know better. They have lost the capability to think on their own. I think at some level they envy those who have freedom of thought, for they have not mustered up courage to get out of the bondage they are in. I was very angry for a long time with my family members and the Muslims I knew growing up and those I met here. But now all I feel is pity. They are victims. Victims always will victimize others. My suggestion to Muslims is to look within and see if they really believe that Islam is the best religion. Read and understand the Quran and not get emotional and wound up by the Imam’s sermons. Is the Imam saying the truth. or adding his own feelings, biases and brainwashing the listeners because is a good public speaker. Does he have in depth knowledge of what he is preaching? When every Muslim will read the Quran, Hadith, Sira and Islamic History things will be different. Humans are good, they want to do good. But one has to think for oneself what good means, not what someone said it. May be that someone had or has a hidden agenda.

Thanks you for freeing souls from bondage one at a time.

We are here on this earth for a short while; lets love each other for we all the pieces of the same puzzle: The Universe.

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