Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Standing up for My 'True Love' for a non-Muslim Man


Sissi Dolls's letter to Dr. Ali Sina (FFI):

I have found your site by chance, while I was looking for Islam miracles.

I would like to congratulate you about this site and about your bravery, also I'd like to tell you about my story, I will be very grateful if you publish it as a testimony.

I am an EX-moslim woman, I HAVEN'T CHOOSE MY RELIGION BUT I HAVE INHERITED IT .. I was born in a moslim family and moslim country, my parents were and are practicing moslims but not fanatic (they are against war & jihad)...
I lived with them abroad of our country of origin, I had too many Christian friends, and neighbours which were nice persons...after some years, I returned with my family to our country of origin.

My parents became repressive above all during my puberty (for moslims a girl is like a bomb that can be exploded at any time, because a girl must stay virgin till the marriage, and if she loose his virginity, she don't worth anything, SO it is like an exploded bomb that don't serve anymore ) I just want to precise that I stayed virgin till the marriage, but not because of laws of religion, but because I wanted to offer it to the man that I love.

Since my childhood I started to ask myself ''strange'' questions (LIKE: if god prohibit marriage between sisters and brothers, how the son and daughter of Adam and Eva had procreate us??? they were the only human being on the earth ..Are we we the fruit of a relation between brothers? how can it be? if god himself prohibit it???) ..and I couldn't ask some of questions to my entourage, in their opinion the fact of making these kind of questions was a blasphemy. I have always believed that we have a mind and we must think about it is not true to accept a fact without asking questions and understanding it well.

Well, I have never felt that I am moslim ...there were too many thinks which didn't pleased me in my religion, like women's position, jihad, polygamy, laws of heritage in favour of men and male chauvinism etc.

In 2006 I met a non-practicing Christian European man, he was the most honest and kind man that I had ever known, I felt in love with him, he asked me for marriage and here began our sufferance. We have suffered too much, we couldn't get married because he was Christian, we cried all the time, I didn't knew how to tell it to my family, also the law in my country don't allow me to get married with a non-moslim man.. until he converts into Islam and hand on a conversion certificate (as if a sheet of paper was enough to prove the faith of a man) he loved me so much and he started to study Islam. Moslims had explain him Islam and show him only positive face, so he convert to Islam, I told my family about the story, they were against this idea, they didn't accept even when he was converted ...after to many disputes.

I have convinced them to meet him and talk to him ...and I have threatened them to escape with him if they do not... finally they accepted and after that the authorities of my county has conclude a investigation about him and about his conversion they gave us the ''AUTHORIZATION TO GET MARRIED'.'

Now we are married, we are happy together, my husband is no longer moslim because he makes researches and discovered that there are too many think in Koran that are not clear and not fair. so he leave it. Even, I HAVE the same idea.


I have an advice to all moslim girls who are in love with a non moslim man and want to marry him

DON'T GIVE UP !! you have to fight for your Love!

Love is the most important thing in the word, so it is worth to fight for, don't be afraid it is Absurd that a country or another person prohibit us to share our life with the person that we LOVE..


thank you & good luck.

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