Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

They Left Islam: Leaving Islam Report, Sept 2008

Malak Shabaab (on the forum)

I am from North Nigeria and I have just left Islam because I am a homosexual and the sharia government will kill you for it. I don't know why I prefer women rather then men, that's just the way God made me. I have just been granted asylum in a place called California in the USA and I am now living with foster parents. I will soon be starting high school and I hope I never have to be so afraid again.



Dear Ayesha

My name is Fatima and I live in Lahore, Pakistan.

I have read all your articles and I just wanted to say that they were awesome. I mean u r the reason of my change of opinion about Mohammad.

You really dug out the aspects about Mohammad that are usually hide or disappeared from the Islamic Education. I mean, I had a lot of questions about his personality, but every time I was either referred to hadiths or Quran, which sounds very made up to me.

Anyway I realized that there is someone who actually feels the way I am feeling; and still better that she has put that in words.

I am your fan, May u keep helping people by opening their eyes and revealing the truth about Mohammad.

Good Luck

Indian ex-Muslim

I am from India now age 38 yrs old.... and I my wife my and her family and our kids are not Muslims any longer, although we have Arabic names [its a pity].

I left Islam in 1992. Till date I have converted over 100 people away from Islam and any religion to truth. All religion are man created and spread hate.

My journey began in similar way...asking questions and I finally found the answer, that religion is misguiding people to cause hatred, generally all religions in general.

The purpose of life is to love and be love to respect and care for humanity and mother nature who is the true god who has evolved us from 1 celled organisms. There is no god/allah and no jannat, whatever is there is here on earth. So be good humans care for humanity and nature. Every action has a reaction and thus we have to watch our actions. This is all, belief in fake imaginary deity like jehova/allah etc is root cause of ignorance and hate for all mankind in jews-christians/muslims.


Dear Editor,

I am glad to find people realize the truth about Islam, and work together against that danger.

I am an ex-Muslim, and I am so glad to took that great decision in my life.

Being a ex-Muslim I found that there is a danger on my life, its source is Islamic law.

Because according to Islamic law I must be beheaded.

So, Islam now is the most dangerous enemy in my life, that does not respect me and does not respect human right.

Islam is the most dangerous enemy against all the non-Muslims

So now I call for all the non-Muslims, wake up lets gather together and work against our enemy that threaten our lives and threaten the future of our next generations.

Regards: Kidman

Zakir Ahmed Khan  (India); on the fourm

I am Zakir Ahmed Khan from new Delhi India and was a liberal Muslim (token Muslim} till 1 hour ago, after reading your site I am an ex-Muslim liberated from Islam.

Thanks all ex-Muslim brothers and thanks world. I am really indebted to you all.

I will take this message to all world starting from my family.

Name: Saudi Ex-muslim
Date: Thursday September 11, 2008
Time: 04:39:02 -0700

I am a Saudi muslim, veering towards being an ex-muslim. I live in Jeddah. I agree with your website 100%. Due to the indoctrination from childhood, I am unable to 100% leave islam, but still hang on, due to sheer force of habit. I hope some day I will be free from islam and my country the source of islam will also be free from all religion, and live peacefully with all the world. In a way I am an ex-muslim, but it is slowly coming to me. good luck to your site and please everyone pray and help to eradicate the disease of religion from Earth

Date: Thursday July 31, 2008
Time: 02:13:18 -0700


I am an ex-Moslem and I would like to encourage all the ex-moslems to save the the rest of the moslems from this disease of cult by exposing the truth that we found. We can not see a brother or a sister drowning on the sae and not do anything about it. This cult is a poisonous disease and it is our duty to save the rest of the moslems from it. NO one else will give a dam thing about them if it will not be us because we are the once living it not the non-moslems who are living in a democratic country.


thanks islam-watch group. I have just visited your site and get more and more information. I like your courageous work. I support it. hope you will continue your good jobs.

I think myself as an atheist. I am from a muslim family but after 18 years old I change my mind and now I don't believe in koran-hadith and others religious scriptures etc. that's why I would like to join this group and want to meet other ex-muslims and share my views and experience.


S. Chawdhury

Sylhet, Bangladesh

I am Hussain. I am 20 years old and studying in B. Sc. (Hons). Applied Geology in a university in Pakistan.

I had no idea about these terms like free thinker, atheist, naturalist, etc. But I have always faced problems to live in a religious fundamental and extremist society. I can just understand science and solid proves for any topic. I can just see the matter and the principles of nature. I can just see the nature all around me. So how can I accept the taboos of the society. Actually not only the illiterate people but each and every person feels proud to be a fundamentalist, that leads towards extremism. Now after my arrival to university through internet I have become aware of such terms as freethinker, atheist, naturalist, etc. So maybe I consider myself a freethinker, an atheist and a naturalist. Because I cannot accept religious domination over societies as its very common in Islamic countries.

I am struggling to live in an extremist islamic society, I need your help and guidance in this regard.

Thanks, Hussain


Dear Hussain,

Thank you for your letter. We are delighted to learn that more & more people are realizing the truth about Islam & having courage to leave it. We at islam-watch are mostly freethinkers, atheists, liberals, humanists & naturalists. You have good bunch of mates here.

We understand that it's tough life for freethinkers in a country like Pakistan. Future is not looking bright either. Freedom is central to living a satisfying life. A freethinker is dead when freedom in taken away.

Best thing for you is to find some like-minded mates, which, of course, is a rare precious commodity in Pakistan.

Alternatively, study well so that you get an opportunity to go overseas to further your studies, which might open opportunity for living in a free society.

MA Khan

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