Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

They Left Islam: Leaving Islam Report, July 2008

01 July 2008


I am 19 yrs old I am an ex-Muslim. I just left Islam.

I living in Muslim country and I am very worried.

I think if my family figures out that I left Islam I may be killed.


Dear anonymous ex-Muslim,

Thank you for letting us know of your story.

We can relate to your difficult situation.

The best thing for you now is to try to keep it to yourself. It is tough, I know. But practising taqiya has been the only way for saving lives of Muslim dissidents during all of Islam's history.

You are young. Maybe you should try to find some opportunity to study overseas in a non-Muslim country. This will give you freedom to live life the way you want.

MA Khan

07 July 2008

Dear Editor,

I left Islam a long time back in high school after studying philosophy, introduced to us by our Islamic Studies teacher. Ironic isn't it? He had actually thought that learning philosophy and the Morris Bucaille's pronouncements about how scientific the Quran would strengthen our belief in Allah. They must have done for some students. But why hadn't Mr. Bucaille converted? So he didn't believe what he had said? Why? That got me thinking. Obviously, he must have lied in that book. Besides, there was another more important matter. I just couldn't understand why there had to be God. I still don't. So, Allah doesn't exist and the Quran must have been made up by Mohamed. If one reads it, one would see very clearly that it must have been made up by someone -- maybe Mohamed, maybe someone else. But it must have been made up. The incoherence, repetition, violence, hatred, threats, cursing, and swearing. The list goes on and on.
I live in Muslim country where everyone is supposed to be a Muslim. But I am not but I cannot say it in public for fear of persecution and I do not want to leave my country. I am so tired of the whole religion: there is so much violence and hatred in it. It's intolerant of anything besides itself. It's agenda is nothing short of world domination and when that happens we will have no freedom, no liberty. I do not believe that the Quran is the word of God; it is obvious that Mohamed had made it up. A good tenth grader could write a more coherent book.
I agree with you entirely. Islam is not a religion of peace. It has no respect for anything else besides itself. It is the most dangerous disease that we will ever encounter. It must be exterminated!
There are many like me here, voiceless and afraid. I have been thinking for many months now about making a website in our local language about the evil nature of Islam and the Quran.

Best regards.


X- Muslim (on the forum 02 July 2008)

I became an apostate of Islam about an year ago. If any educated muslim reads this article, I am sure he/she will know that Mohammed was a hard-core lier. It is essential to expose more and more of his character to defeat Islam. Muslims are the victims of Islam. I have convinced many of my cousins abt this.


Anonymous (on the forum 01 July 2008)

i am an ex-mulsim from 1992 in india and this article is good. pls do more to expose islam and liberate the world from judeo christianity islam.

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