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Hello Dr. Sina (Editor, FFI)

I am Zainal, a 25 yr old software developer from India. After debating with my conscience for a long time, I finally mustered enough courage to renounce the treacherous path of Islam and live life in a free and fair way. All this was possible thanks to your website and the convincing content.

I realized that Islam is like a fruit which looks round and yummy from outside but when you crack it open, it is simply a hollow circle. That is why no one is permitted to question and debate on some ridiculous practices in Islam.

Actually Islam only thrives on comparison... obsessive comparison... and that is precisely what makes it dangerous. Obsessive comparison, in other words to be constantly involved in superseding someone simply bears more jealousy, hatred, anger and scope for boundless revenge. I realized in Islam it is always us versus them... the believers versus non believers. Initially I thought the difference was between the believers in one Supreme God versus those who believe in multiple Gods. But that is not the case. It’s simply those who believe in only Allah versus those who do not believe in Allah.

My Muslim relatives and friends used to always belittle and insult our Hindu neighbors and kin at large poking fun at their absurd noisy customs/rituals, their various Gods and their "indiscipline" (Hindu religion allows Hindus to lead their life as per what they think is logical). I was always puzzled because I found Hindus more civilized, patient, lovable and truly forgiving than most Muslims. More importantly, most of my Hindu friends and neighbors lived peacefully and happily. Their homes were usually filled with laughter. In contrast, most Muslim families quarreled amongst themselves. Most families have 5-6 children who seldom complete high school and therefore end up doing menial jobs or small street side businesses while the Hindu parents who have 1 or 2 kids almost always send their kids for English education and ensure they complete their post graduation or professional course. I also found Hindus more hygienic and well dressed. They love our country India while most Muslims who stay here favour Pakistan over their own country; especially if there is a contest between the 2 countries. I find that really absurd and repulsive.

As I grew up and started doing my engineering, I found myself more tilted towards my Hindu friends and accepting their customs, mannerisms and more importantly their ideology to be practical, loving and generous with others. Once when I debated with my intellectual Hindu friend, I found that Hinduism also professes the claim of One Supreme Divine Force (God). Their idols are simply to depict thye many qualities/characteristics of God. That is when I learnt about the false propaganda of Indian Mullahs to create misunderstanding about Hindus and Hinduism.

I gradually realized the flaws in Islam and the tremendous negative impact it has on the Muslim world. Till Islam does not perish, Muslims will continue to live in stone age while their neighbours will prosper simply because they use their mind. And Muslims will continue to hate them and always plan to destroy them. Finally the last turning point in my life came when I fell in love with a beautiful Hindu girl. She was much better looking, well settled and more qualified than me. We fell in love and decided to get married.

Initially I was skeptical about her parents accepting me because I was Muslim. (Most Hindus and Sikhs in India dislike Muslims because of their jealous and dangerous nature). Instead, they wholeheartedly welcomed me within their family. I though just like Muslims convert non-Muslim spouses to Islam; these folks are going to convert me into Hinduism. Again I misunderstood their religion. Not once did they ask me to give up Islam. All they requested is not to force their daughter to eat beef. (Most Hindus do not eat beef).

When I used to visit my fiancée's house, I chanced upon Hindu texts like Bhagwad Gita and Rig Veda and happened to read it. That was the final straw. I realized how it would be to live life on my own terms, to use my own intelligence and have a flexible attitude. And then just after we got engaged I decided to renounce Islam. I did not disclose it to my parents but shared this decision with my fiancée.

Today we are happily married. I consider myself a free thinker...not Muslim...not Hindu...not linked to any religion. i.e. I respect all religious customs/traditions/beliefs but choose to follow what I like and don't make fun of any ridiculous tradition. Thankfully my marriage has been saved from the venomous fangs of Islam. In contrast my Muslim friend who married a Muslim girl is considering divorce.

I feel fortunate that I chanced upon your website at the right time. This website gave me the courage to follow my conscience and be a free bird who can soar high up with the others and not sit by the roadside cursing those who fly and plotting revenge!

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