Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

How an Iraqi Muslimah Left Islam and Embraced Buddhism!

Helen, born and brought up in Iraq, sent us the following testimony of her experience with Islam and her embracing Buddhism as non-godly way of life:

I was born an Iraqi Muslim and grew up in a moderate Muslim environment hearing the horror stories about hell, endless torture and burning, angles on both sides of your shoulders one is writing your good deeds and the other bad deeds, an other magic things that are hard for a logical human mind to accept it.

I remember when I was in Primary School sitting down in the classroom in terror thinking to myself what if judgment day is tomorrow? What if judgment day is next hour and I would go to hell? It’s a total brain poison for a little children.

At my early teens, I started wondering more and more.. I read ( asma2 allah ilhusna) and started wondering. Why would god praise himself so much? God shouldn’t be a show off; he can't be vain!

And I must mention a few things that put me off most at that time. One of them is the inheritance law, which gives male siblings twice as much. I thought that was extremely unfair. Also the four-marriages for men that is allowed in Islam, Islam's violence in punishment (cut this, chop that etc.).

And I started being pretty sure that Islam is a fake... Muhammad did it the profit...  He fooled everyone.

So I started to explore different options to myself.

I explored Christianity, went to Sunday school to learn more.

 And I found no lasting peace. Same magical stories.. Heaven / hell and so on.

So finally I decided that I better find a different path for myself. I wanted to use my own brain to examine facts and weigh them.

I came to a conclusion that there is no God: male or female God. If there was something, it might be a higher power.

I traveled to Japan a few times and I explored Buddhism. They have always emphasized to me that Buddhism is not a religion. It’s a WAY OF LIFE.

That description set very well with me. And I started learning more.

I started meditating to clear my mind and create peace within. I started to have a peaceful approach to situations in life. And I grew a lot of compassion towards people with negative attitude.

My hope for everybody is just to use your own mind/brain to examine all facts that are presented to them...

Don’t be afraid to challenge ideologies that have been taught to you since you were born.

If there is a GOD... He/She would be very happy to see the human race use their minds, with which He/She has endowed His/Her human creation most richly. He/She must be fascinated, not infuriated, by the fact  that the brain He/She has given to human beings may even question His/Her existence and logically analyze things to unravel the truth of the Universe, including Himself/Herself.

Ask you self...

If there is god... What would he/she do???

I am sure he/she is not in need for people to wash up and pray for him 5 times days to praise him/her.

He/She would rather have them do some thing positive to improve their lives… plant a tree… clean the house or send flower to a sick friend and so on.

Ask your self…………..Don’t be afraid.

God is not watching you. God is in you.

Slightly edited

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