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An Unclassical Review of 'KARIN in Saudi Arabia'

This is a review of Dr. Sami Alrabaa’s book, KARIN in Saudi Arabia.


Step into the abyss; a flying saucer that will take off to another planet. When discovered, scientists agreed to call it planet “SA”. Now, don’t be misled by the name. KKK stands for something. So does SA. It is a planet, where gravity goes outward. You drop a pencil, and it drops upward. A person asks for help, and get beheaded. A simple soul asks for help and gets raped, whipped good for extra measure, then deported on the Abyss to the closest planet.

SA is a planet like no other. The rulers of this planet don’t just rule, their whims are the rule. Their decisions are arbitrary, yet final. The language of the people on that planet lacks many words. For instance, the word “Democracy” can’t be found, not because they don’t have words, but because words have no meaning. Concepts like “Human Rights”, “Gender Equality”, “Race Equality” don’t exist either. It's not that, such concepts are not there in the language. They are there, but the rulers, so I’ve been told, don’t know what they are. One of the rulers thought that “Gender” and “Race” stand for a car race of some kind!

You say what? Rulers can’t be like that!.. well, welcome to planet SA my friend. I went there on a visited. Below are a couple of stories to open or “close” your appetite for traveling to a distant, yet close by, planet.

Meet Rafid, a man, who grew up in planet SA. He is a good man, a simple man, a humble man. He was poor, but no shame in that; most of us are. He worked in a school. No, no, not a school principal or a math teacher; he was a gate keeper. He had little income that carried him through the month though. No complaining! He was just a simple man. He married a simple lady: a good, loving, caring woman. He was happy. She helped him on the burdens of life.

But, somehow, it was like he went against the law of planet SA; had to be punished for marrying a woman. Do you know why? Well, it's another planet; so, you expect the laws to be a little different. As it turned out, the wife was from a country on planet earth. She was not from planet SA. Make a wild guess about what happened. Say what? Rape, then another, then another, ...then deportation on the abyss to another planet..

Meet some simple shepherds in the land of planet SA. Their grazing land was taken over by one of the rulers. They wrote a petition, just a paper with some signatures to petition for some grazing land. They were simple people. They just wanted their livelihood protected. Without the sheep, they could not make a living. Guess what the ruler did! It's not the planet earth as I told you. You may say, sure, let's give them some land. Keep dreaming my earthly friend. No such luck in planet SA; only massacres, beheading, and killing. Some even disappeared and were never heard of again.

Meet this nice lady from planet earth, from Germany to be exact; her name is KARIN. She rode the abyss to planet SA. She fell in love with a man from there. She even accepted to be a second wife. On planet SA, whores are called “Gahbas”. Funny, all planets have some word for that. She was called a Gahba many times. Yet, she stayed for the sake of her husband and her newly born child. But not for long. She ended up losing the child and getting deported.

Like I told you, planet SA is none like earth. It's more like hell on earth, where the king is Satan, and the book of rules and laws is written by a maniac, who lived there 1400 years ago. The present rulers on planet SA stay faithful to that book, and it sure shows.

Recommendation: Great book. Tell anyone who even has a remote connection to planet SA to buy it and read it. Knowledge is bliss. Those who said "ignorance is bliss" won’t say that anymore when they read the book.


Ibn Kamuna is an Arabic speaking writer. He can be contacted at

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