Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Breaking the Cultist Bondage of Islam

I am not a young lad anymore. I don’t regret growing older. It is nice. Your chemical balance gets better. That's how it is in my case.

I had always had objections to Islam, even at a young age. I thought it was just “stupid” of a god to allow men to have many wives, to make “Wudu” etc. To believe that the almighty, the creator of the universe, is worried when you passed gas or did not pass gas. It is just ludicrous. Then what about the “battles” of the Prophet. They were not battles. They were more like “looting campaigns”. The Arabs called them “Ghazwas”. Do you know what a Ghazwa is? It is no more than a group of thugs attacking some innocent people to get some booty. And a lot of booty Muhammad and his gang gained. They usually killed the adult men, raped and enslaved the women, and enslaved the children. Some stories tell us that Muhammad sold some of the women captives to buy more weapons. That way, he had enough supplies to make more Ghazwas and get more booty. The cycle continues in that way. You see, when you gain power in few Ghazwas, you accumulate more fortune, and so, you will be likely to succeed in future Ghazwas. It is an “exponential” trend as mathematicians call it.

Have you ever played chess? What happens in a chess-game is very interesting. When you lose a piece, you will be more likely to lose another piece, then another, then another. That's how it was with Muhammad, except he was on the winning side. It is a cyclical trend. He was the “King” on the chess board of life. Omar was the Queen, an arrogant ruthless man indeed. The other Sahabas were the Bishops, Knights and Rooks. What about the Pawns. Well there are eight of them on the board. Those are the Jihadis. They don’t have much value. They can be sacrificed easily. For a gain or a misjudgment, they can be sacrificed. Not too much of a loss. Muhammad sacrificed thousands of them. All he had to do is tell them things they liked; that Sex, Wine, beautiful women called Houris, are all were waiting for them in the whore house/Brothel called Islamic heaven. They believed Muhammad. He was one of the greatest con artists of their time, yet, they believed him. But why? Why would any human being believe lies? Well, to them there was no lies for the most part. But, it is still not an easy question for me to ponder.. Why? Why, in God’s name, Why? Why would someone believe a lie? Are we humans not rational enough to know better?

I got a letter from a young lady, barely twenty years of age. She accused me of lying about Islam. According to her, I distorted the facts. She told me that Islam is true no matter what, that she will always be a Muslimah. I do not know why she told me that. I never asked her to leave the faith. But she insisted that Islam is the true faith, that she will never leave it, that I am lying about Islam. I told her that I do not lie, but rather research the Qur’an, the Hadith, and the Sirat. But she insisted that I distort facts.

I tried to narrow things down. I told her that Muhammad was an assassin. He sent his henchmen to kill a very old man called Abu Afak, and a mother of five, Asma bint Marwan. I gave her the book’s title and the author’s name, so that she can find it in her public library. That way she can go and check out my story. Maybe I was lying. She deserves to know. All she needed to so is go to the public library, and check out my story. Well, she did not do that. Instead, she emailed me and told me that Islam is correct, that I tell lies, and that she won’t be writing to me anymore. That is fine. But why not go to the library and find out herself whether I distorted facts. Doesn’t she deserve to know?

This brings me to the title of this article “Releasing the Bond”. When one has a cult mentality, truth is immaterial. It is not important. What is important is to keep the belief system, indoctrinated by the leader, intact. In cults, there is an unquestioning loyalty to the leader. This is what the young lady is doing. In cults, the member has a polarized mentality of “us” against “them”. In cults, critical voices are silenced. This young lady wanted me to “stop” lying. But all I do is research issues and report them. This is lying according to a good Muslimah, because it does not agree with her cultic picture of the universe. She could not take any criticism of Muhammad.

I wanted her to find out herself the truth with she disagrees with. But, alas, she would not even do that. She could not handle the thought that her cult leader was an assassin. To her mind, he was her idol, her Prophet, her ideal love. The sad part is how difficult it is to discuss matters in a rational way with a dogmatic Muslim, only twenty years old. In a cult, members rationalize the actions of their leader. If that lady went to the public library and found out that Muhammad was in fact an assassin, do you think the story would end here and she would leave Islam? I wish the answer was “yes”, but it will, most likely, not. Cult members learn to rationalize the conduct of their leader no matter how evil it is. No action by the leader is condemned. He is the authority, an epitome of legitimacy. Whatever he says, members follow like a herd. But why can’t they just leave the cult? Well, it is not as easy as we think. When humans are in a cult mentality/community, things are not so simple as to pick up and leave.

Doris Lessing writes:

"Leaving such a group was a flight because the group’s reaction was known to be severe and punitive. Apostates were excommunicated. It was not uncommon for ex-converts to fear that they had been damned or had lost their souls as a consequence of leaving the group. (In some cases, former members were convinced the group would hunt them down and kill them.) Many went through months of struggle to re-establish their lives, wrestling with the questions How could I have been involved in such a thing? How could I have done what I did to other members of the group?

Were my spiritual longings all false? Who and what can I trust? At the same time, the closeness the group offered was often sorely missed, and until the ex-member’s life was reconstituted, he or she wondered at times if leaving the group had been a mistake. This turmoil gradually diminished, but for many a sense of shame for having participated in the cult and a frustrated rage at having been betrayed lingered for a long time."

How can they leave then?

I wish I have a simple answer. People are different. They are not a “production line”. As for the cult of Islam, it is even more difficult. The cult has spread out so much, and a system of a major religion, that makes it so hard to even criticize such a cult. But people can leave, and do leave. The movements of ex-Muslims are emerging everywhere. They need the fullness of our support. They are the wall that will stand up to the cult itself: shake its founder and its foundation. They need our love and support. They are the sunshine I see and touch. They are the sunrise from the west, the north, the south, and the east. They are the best thing that the world has seen since the invention of sliced bread.

Ibn Kamuna is an Arabic-speaking writer. He can be contacted at

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