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Beating Women: Putting Islamic Teaching into Practice

In a previous article, I showed to the reader that Dr. Jamal Badawi is just trying to conceal to Western audience that Islam approves of a “good beating” or “good flogging” of wives by their Muslim husbands. This matter is very clear when one looks at the Qur’anic verse 4:34, which clearly endorses beating a woman, whilst Hadith evidence only gives details of stories of how this was done.


The Qur’an does not endorse the same privilege to the woman for the same fault of her husband. I would like people who try to defend Islam to come out and tell us that Islam has a Qur’anic verse similar to 4:34, but the woman is the one who will be beating the man.

In life, there are many circumstances where women is stronger, smarter and has a better judgement than men. In such a case, shouldn’t Islam give her the right to give her husband a “good flogging” when he steps out of line? The fact of the matter is this: some of Islam’s teachings are barbaric. How can one in his right mind accept verse 4:34 in the Qur’an as divine? It is an evil verse that endorses beating women. Badawi tried to sugar-coat the verse to western audience. But that does not make that verse any less evil.

In this article, I introduce to the reader video clips showing that Muslim scholars do indeed believe in a good beating to the woman. Some try to make a it very simple and light, but it is still beating. The genuine Islamic teaching is to beat a woman “real good”. The hadiths I used in my previous article prove this very point. In addition, verse 4:34 in the Qur’an talks about “beating”. It does not talk about “gentle” beating by any means, if there is such a concept.

Case 1: Verse 4:34 in the Qur’an is, believe it or not, Miraculous, according to the idiot in this video. He even tries to show how miraculous this Qur’anic verse is by showing that there are three types of women who need a “good beating”. This Islamic Imam is unapologetic to the world about wife beating. He sees the Qur’an as his manual, an so, wife beating comes with the territory. This is actually true Islam. My previous article showed that.

Case 2: Here is another unapologetic Imam about beating women. The reader who read my previous article knows that beating a wife can be severe. The Hadiths just caution about not breaking bones. That’s all. Here is the video.

Case 3: Here is a “wise” Imam who clearly is against wife beating, and so he explains away the truth.

Case 4: Here is the truth about how Muslim women live in Islamic countries. I am sure any decent human being who tries to defend the Qur’an as exemplified in verse 4:34 will change his/her mind once this video is viewed.

Case 6: Beating as “Therapy” (and who said Muslim apologetics are not creative!!). Here is a video that proves that one can look as civil as the next guy on the street. It does not make him any less of an idiot. I am sorry I just can’t tolerate people who believe that a man can beat his wife. Sugar-coating Evil (i.e. verse 4:34) is Evil.

Ibn Kamuna is an Arab writer. He can be contacted at

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