Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Shaming the Shameless Apologists of Islam: Allah in the Vedas


First of all, I would like to clarify that I am much less of a scholar of Hindu scripture than I have the understanding of Islam. However, silence about lies on the part of those, who know the truth, is a crime. One, guilty of the crime of not telling the truth, is a bigger criminal than the person, who lies to fool others.

I was inspired to pen this article by those hundreds of Muslims, who have been emailing with a volley of abuses and telling me that Muhammad was even prophesied in the books of my pre-Islamic ancestors. Although it would certainly leave one dumbfound, till the time such claims are disproved, they stand as truth. Unfortunately, we Ex-Muslims don’t have the means or the sponsorship to spread the truth as have Muslim apologists for spearing their blatant lies. We have to depend on our only gateway to the world, The World Wide Web.

Now I turn to the question of whether Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, was really predicted in the Vedas. The best one can do is to laugh off such a proposition. However, laughing it off is not a really good idea, as there are a lot of gullible people out over there ready to buy just about anything without trying to authenticate the proposition or trying to know the reality. While I don’t say that people convert to Islam en masse after hearing these, we cannot rule out the possibility of a few gullible ones converting to Islam. These few could later be brainwashed to become Jihadis or suicide bombers. If we study the pattern of the Jihadis in the West as well as those Jihadis in India, a significant number of them are actually converts. Seemingly normal people, who go around with their daily live, as they convert to the deadly cult of Islam, everything changes.

As I not fully acquainted with Sanskrit, much of the inputs used in this articles are from learned Hindus. I wish to thank all of them for the help they rendered to the completion of this article.

In this article, I will concentrate on the work of the biggest Islamist showmen of our times, Dr. Zakir Naik. This man has, through his showmanship, been able to fool many a people. This list includes even non-Muslims. Islam is a creed, which cannot survive without lies. Any Islamic apologistwhenever he begins a discourse on Islam, especially when facing a non-Muslim audiencewill begin with the biggest lie on the earth that “Islam is the religion of Peace.” While we all know very well that Islam is peace only in the meaning of the words that represent it. Islam in its theology, literature, and history etc. is anything but peace. However, these Islamic apologists are mostly narcissists, who are convinced of their own lies to the extent that they don’t wink an eyelid while they lie.

Take, for an example, the Muslim apologists' assertion that Islam respects women. Now it’s a well-known and historically documented fact that, in Islam, a woman is treated as nothing more than a domestic animal for the satiation of men's lust and as a tool of procreation. While the Qur’an clearly states that anyone, who does not believe in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, is a Kafir, these apologists will go about confusing their audiences with various deceptive suggestions that there are various definitions of kafir. If they are addressing, say, a Christian audience, they will make the claim that Christians and Jews are respected as Ahle Al-Kitab or People of the Book and that Dhimmitude is actually a very good proposition for Non-Muslims. If they are facing, say, Hindus, they will say that kafir simply means a non-Muslim with absolutely no negative notion attached to it. What can we say is, those of us, who have either been Muslims, know better. For non-Muslims, it is difficult, because, Allah's command upon Muslims to fight Kufr or disbelief by waging Jihad against the Infidels is not spelt out very clearly and systematically in the Qur'an.

As a matter of fact, Islam considers telling lies to infidels, or to give false testimony against them in the court of law, for the benefit of Islam and for the benefit of jihad a religious duty for every Muslim. This is a practice, called taqiyya or holy deception. Allah admires such liars and rewards them profusely on the the day of last judgment (Qiyamah). Recently, a Muslim commentator has clarified that on three occasions(i) in war, (ii) or to win over a women’s heart and (iii) for deceiving the infidelslying is not a sin for Muslims. So it is evident that Dr Zakir Naik will also be profusely rewarded by Allah for deceiving the infidels for his lies.

Allah in the Rigveda:

It has been mentioned earlier that the lectures of Dr Zakir Naik are full of naked lies. The reader should also recall that, the most merciful, all-knowing and all-observing Allah has given clean chit to people like Zakir Naik to tell any lie, to do any mischief and play any deception with the kafirs, if it helps to influence them and bring them under Allah’s path or for the propagation of Islam. And Dr Zakir Naik makes unrelenting use of that command of Allah in all his lectures. His claim that, Allah is mentioned in the Rgveda, is one of his biggest lies. Naik says that the verses 2/1/11, 3/30/10, 9/67/30 and 1/13/9 of the Rgveda contain mentions of Allah. When I opened the Rgveda, I was really dumbfounded that a man like Naik, the president of a well-recognized institute, namely Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) in Mumbai, could propagate such blatant lies and that too in open gatherings.

The reader should recall that the word Âllâh has been derived from two Arabic words âl (the) and ilâh (an object of worship). In Rgveda, there is a word ilâ, with a completely different meaning. But  as his sacred duty of holy deception (taqyya), Naik, whenever finds the Sanskrit word ilâ in the Rgveda, points to it as the mention of Allah without a second thought.

For example, the verse (2/1/11) of Ṛgveda says,

Tvamagne aditirdeva dâúuṣe tvaṃ hotrâ bhâratî
bardhase girâz
Tvamiḷâ úatahimasi dakṣase tvaṃ bṛtrahâ vasupate
sarasvatî zz

“Thou, God (Agni), art Aditi to him who offers gifts: thou Hotrâ, Bhâratî, art strengthed by the song. Thou art the hundred-wintered Ilâ to give strength, O Lord of wealth! Vṛtra-slayer and sarasvatî” [tr: ibid]. According to Sâyana, the most celebrated commentator on the Vedas, ilâ is the other name of Agni (the deity of fire). Furthermore, the entire Hymn (2/1) has been dedicated to God Agni and hence there is no doubt that the word ilâ in the verse stands for Agni.

The word ilâ also occurs in the verse (1/13/9) of the Rgveda, that reads,

Ilâ, sarasvatî mahî tisro devîrmayobhuvaḥ z
Varhiḥ sîdantasridhaḥ zz

“Ilâ, Sarasvatî and Mahî, three goddesses who bring delight, be seated, peaceful, on the grass”. In this verse, Ilâ is a goddess and, according to Sâyana, Ilâ in this verse may stand for earth, or cow, or vâc (speech).

In a similar manner, there is another word Alâ in the Rgveda that refers to various deities. The verse (3/30/10) contains the word and says,

Alâtṛṇo vala Indra vrajo goḥ pura hantorbhayamano byâra z
Sugatpatho akṛṇonniraje gaḥ prâvanvâṇîḥ purahûtaṃ
dhamantîḥ zz

“He who withheld the kine, in silence yielded in fear before thy blow, O Indra. He made paths easy to drive forth the cattle. Loud-breathing praises helped the much-invoked One” [tr: ibid]. Here, Alâ is the other name of Indra. The entire Hymn (3/30) has been dedicated to Indra and this confirms that the word Alâ in the verse refers to Indra. But, as the word Alâ sounds like Allah, Dr Zakir Naik, like a fool, has taken it to be a mentioning of Allah.

The word Alâ also occurs in the verse (9/67/30) of the Rgveda that says,

Alâyasya paraúurṇâúa tamâ pavasva deva soma z
Âkhuṃ cideva deva soma zz

“O, deva Soma, we pray to you so that the battle-axe of our enemy gets broken- Alâ, you descend and kill our irretating enemy”. Though the Hymn (9/67) has been dedicated to both Soma and Agni, scholars believe that the word Alâ in this verse refers to Soma or the Moon (or Soma) .

According to Dr Zakir Naik, every Sanskrit dictionary contains the word Allah and says that Allah is the God. In the most authentic Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Monier Williams (A Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Motilal Benarasidass, Delhi,1981), this author could not find the word Âllah. The words, this author could find that sound like Allah are; Al (to be competent or able), Ala (the sting in the tail of a scorpion), Alât (a firebrand or coal) and Âla (spawn, any discharge of poisonous matter from a venomous animal). Another authentic Sanskrit-English Dictionary (The Student’s Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Vaman Shivaram Apte, Motilal Benarasidass, Delhi, 2005), there is a word Allâ and says that it stands for mother.


From this discussion, it becomes evident that, all the utterances of Dr Zakir Naik regarding the mention of Allah in the Rgveda and in Sanskrit dictionaries are pure lies. But the question remains: Why Dr Naik is hell bent on to discover the mentions of Allah in Sanskrit literature? It has been mentioned earlier that Allah is most merciful and kind (Rahmanir Rahim) only to the Muslims. But for the non-Muslim kafirs, Allah is cruel beast and a barbaric killer. And most importantly, Allah is not at all the God or Lord of this creation and Dr Naik is striving hard to dignify Allah and to establish him as the God by discovering his name in the Vedas. His efforts are nothing but finding a pedigree for Allah.

Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

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