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Pakistan: A Rogue Nation on a Highway to Hell

It is common knowledge these days that Pakistan is the mother that bore the child of terrorism in its womb. However, what many don’t know is that Pakistan as a nation has an expertise in lying and creating demons out of thin air. Pakistan is on international radar these days for its sympathy for Jihadis. If the statementscoming from Pakistani politicians and media, which are on a face saving spreeare observed closely, one will find a strange mixture of frustration, inability to act, lies, and a combination of all these.
While it is only a matter of time before Pakistan finds its place in the “Hall of Fame of Rogue Nations”, for now, Pakistan is doing what it is best at doing: lying through its teeth. Right from the time of the 26/11 terrorist act, which shook the entire civilized world, Pakistan has been denying that it has anything to do with terrorism. The first statements that came out of Islamabad were complete denial that the terrorists involved in the 26/11 misadventure were Pakistani. They did this in the face of evidence that would make the worst liar succumb. But Pakistan has, as a nation, achieved a PhD in the art of lying; we got to hear varying statements from them with betrayed logic and common sense.

A few days after Kasab, the lone survivor amongst the Allah’s warriors, confessed that he is indeed a Pakistani national, the Government of Pakistan went into an overdrive to assuage its non-existent prestige by cordoning off the village to which Kasab belongs. This fact was revealed by none other than Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister and now the opposition leader. Incidentally, he told the Pakistani Administration that they should own up the responsibility and help out Kasab and not detain his parents. There was also a video release by the Pakistani media, in which Kasab’s parents were shown narrating how their son met them last and told them that they were going for Jihad. No sooner had this statement came from Nawaz Sharif did Sherry Rehman, a cabinet minister in Pakistan, released a statement saying that Nawaz Sharif should abstain from making statements that could harm Pakistan. In other words, she was requesting Mr. Sharif to ignore his call of conscience and keep mum about the truth. Truth, however, is far too powerful to be mellowed down by lies and deceit.

Then, President Asif Ali Zardari came out with the accusation that Indian Air Force jets had penetrated into Pakistani Air space. It turned to be a very big hoax as Pakistan could not authenticate the claim. Then, there was the visit by the Pakistani Foreign Minister, who told the Indian media that Pakistan would co-operate with India in fighting terrorism. Indians took his statement in good faith assuming that he was truly serious about what he was saying. But then again he also suffers from the same disease that Pakistani establishment has been suffering. As soon as he went back to Pakistan, he took off his sheep clothing; and like a true wolf, he declared that Pakistan had already provided a lot of support to India in terms of helping with the investigation.

It seems, this was not enough; For the last one week, the Pakistani establishmentpoliticians, Army Generals, media and whoever is some body in Pakistanhas been taking in war-mongering tones. Every day we get to hear statements like Pakistan is ready to defend its soil, its integrity and what not. Such provocative statements are being made even though India has not said a word about attacking Pakistan.

To add insult to India’s injury, Pakistanis are making accusation that the blast that took place in Lahore on December 25, 2008, was the handy work of Indian security agency. They even claimed that they had caught an Indian national, named Rajeev Shukla, who was involved in the blast. Pakistani media went into a frenzy telling the nation that India was involved in the blast and that India should close down the terror networks operating from its soil.

Surprisingly, no pictures of this chap, the alleged Indian terrorist, were released by either the Pakistani establishment or the media. No relevant details were given either. Perhaps it takes some time even to fabricate stories and some degree of intelligence too. Rebuffing the Pakistanis bluff, a Pakistani pro-Al-Qaeda Jihadi group claimed responsibility for the Lahore terror attacks the very next day. They also told the media channel that they would not hesitate in killing the US security forces if they did not stop striking the militant bases in North Waziristan. So, Pakistan again had to eat its hat.

This is an excellent example of Pakistani bluffs. By issuing these threats, Pakistan is basically trying to create a frenzied atmosphere at home, while hoping some relief from international pressure on Pakistan. India has learnt it lessons well and knows very well that Pakistan will never give disown the terrorists, as this would reveal all known and unknown facts about the nexus between the terrorists and the Pakistan establishment, namely the Army and ISI (Pakistani Intelligence Agency). This is not the first time Pakistan is lying to the world; it did the same at the time of the Bangladesh Freedom Movement when up to three million of innocent Bengalis were butchered by the Pakistan Army in the name of Islam.

Pakistan often wants  to cower down India by a show of false bravado. Unfortunately for Pakistan, its staunchest allies, namely Saudi Arabia and Iran, have backtracked from supporting Pakistan on this one. Even the Chinese, famous for their ability to keep their decisions hidden until the last moment, was this time forthcoming to advise Pakistan to own up responsibility and co-operate with India. The world is looking at Pakistan with the eye of suspicion; everyone is becoming aware of where lies the problem.

Perhaps, Pakistan does not realize that a war with India is not its favor. While India might suffer certain casualties, Pakistan will likely cease to exist in its present form if it goes to war with India. So, Pakistan should act with prudence while it can. The price of war may be to heavy to bear for the Pakistani state, which is not what Indians want. However, if Pakistan has a 'death wish', it may well get it.

Let us hope that Pakistan will mend its ways and detour from its course on the "Highway to Hell".

Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

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