Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

The Massacre of Humanity in Kashmir

It was a cold and sleepy winter night in Wandhama, a town in Indian Kashmir. The few families of Kashmiri Pundits (Hindus) were getting ready to go off to sleep. Suddenly a couple of men disguised as Army men entered their homes ordering them to make tea.
Assuming they were Army, these innocent people served them tea. Little did they know that they were Muslim Terror mongers in disguise?

Soon after receiving a signal that all the houses of the Hindus had been covered they started firing indiscriminately on these innocent people. Twenty four people including men, women and small babies were left dead in this massacre.

Manoj Kumar, the lone survivor of the massacre, went on to say later on that “group of masked gunmen came to my house at about 11:30 pm and forced all those inside to come out.” I jumped out of the wall of my house. As soon as my father, brothers and sisters came out, I saw the gunmen shooting at them. They were crying and begging for life”

Crying and begging as they were for their lives, these sons of Allah did not show the slightest of mercy. Perhaps, in their pursuit of Jennah (paradise), they had left humanity far behind to appease Allah by shedding the blood of Kafirs. After all they were vile animals in the eyes of Allah. What difference would it make if a few of them were slaughtered at Allah’s altar?

Hindus had been cleansed from Kashmir over the years with few families left. Incidentally, a well-known politician, belonging to the National Conference Party of Kashmir, was the one to provide the intelligence to these merchants of death. He provided them with the information about the location of Hindu houses, members of the family, etc. This incident took place on the night of Shab-e-Kadr (a Kashmiri Muslim festival).

Kumar had further told the police in his statement that "One of the gunmen spotted me and asked me to come out as well but I hid myself beneath a heap of sawdust stored in the house. They then opened fire from all sides of the house and probably believed that I too was killed in the firing."

So you see the Muslimeen sought to make sure that no Kafirs were left alive to pollute Kashmir anymore.

The investigations came to a naught when the State Government of Kashmir (which was and still is hand in glove with their Mujahideen brothers) declared that the perpetrators could not be found and the case was closed.

Demands by Amnesty International to investigate this case were denied by the Government of India. The reasons that the Indian government, led by The Congress Party (read secular), gave to Amenity International for not allowing investigation was that it would create unnecessary tension between Hindus and Muslims in the country. They added that they did not want to victimize the Muslim community by allowing foreign investigation agencies. This is how they proved to the world what secularism truly means and stand for! The price of Kafir blood weighs down when compared to the Petro Dollars.

This incident happened at a place faraway from where most of you live, so did in Beslan. We all live in our comfort zones till we realize that our time has come. I ask of you to realize this menace today and do something about before it's too late. Yesterday it was the children of a Kashmiri Hindus, then it was the children of a Russian Christians; who knows whose will be next. But rest assured it will be one of us, the non-believing Kafirs.

The time has come for all peace-loving people of the world, religious or not, to display unity and stand up to the menace of Islam. If we don’t unite now, perhaps history will not give us a chance again. It is time that we burry our differences and come together as Humanity to cure this world of a disease called Islam.

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Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

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