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Anjem Choudary: I Tried to Be a Good Man, Dad!

I tried to be a doctor, dad; I failed in my exams. I tried to be a lawyer too, dad; I couldn’t get a job. Now I am a preacher of hate, dad; see how popular your son is now. Friends, this is the story of this psychotic personality from the UK, Mr. Anjem Choudary.
He was born and brought up in a Pakistani immigrant family. His father was a small-time businessman of sorts who had sought refuge in the UK for a better life which he could never get in his home country.

Mr. Choudary had joined Medical School in South Hampton University. However he was not particularly a bright student and he failed in his first year examinations and switched over to studying law. He graduated in commercial law in 1991.

After becoming a lawyer his attempts to get a job in law firm came to a naught owing to his poor academic record in law school. So he started teaching English as a foreign language in one of the various colleges in Oxford street in London.

Today Anjem Choudary is a popular face in the Muslim circles in the UK. He has gained recognition amongst the Muslim youth owing to his ability to dish out some really fiery speeches against the Kafir. He is particularly remembered for the interview in which he claimed that "non-Muslims cannot be innocent as they are the vilest creatures in the eyes of Allah." With all the popularity that Choudary has, I don’t really think that his Alma Mater would be exactly proud of his achievements.

The Anjem Choudary of today is a far cry from his days as a medical student at Southampton University, where, his friends say, he drank, indulged in casual sex, smoked cannabis and even took LSD. He called himself 'Andy' and was famed for his ability to drink a pint of cider in a few seconds.

One of his former acquaintances had the following to say about him:

"At parties, like the rest of us, he was rarely without a joint. The morning after one party, I can remember him getting all the roaches (butts) from the spiffs we had smoked the night before out of the ashtrays, cutting them up and making a new one out of the leftovers."

"He would say he was a Muslim and was proud of his Pakistani heritage, but he didn't seem to attend any of the mosques in Southampton, and I only knew of him having white girlfriends. He certainly shared a bed with them."

"On one occasion, 'Andy' and a friend took LSD together. The friend said: "We took far too much and were hallucinating for 20 hours."

Apparently it was his brush with the now barred-from-UK Islamic cleric Bakri that arose the true Muslim in him. Anjem met Bakri for the first time in Woolwich in a Mosque and was instantly hit by what he heard. Choudary quickly began leading the Al Mujahirron movement that Bakri had started and eventually began his own movement, called the Al-Gauraba.

Soon Mr. Choudary who was married and had kids by this time left his family to lead the Anti-Kafir Islamic movement from the front. It was Choudary who organized the Danish Embassy protests over the cartoons of Mohammed in 2006, at which demonstrators dressed as suicide bombers and banners proclaimed: 'Behead Those Who Insult Islam'. He is also famous for asking Muslims to behead the Pope as a punishment for insulting the message of Mohamed.

Despite his hatred of all things British, he says: "If British means adopting British values, then I don't think we can adopt British values. I'm a Muslim living in Britain. I have a British passport, but that's a travel document to me." He and his family live on state benefits. Rubana his wife is said by friends to claim £1,700 a month in housing benefit and income support while Choudary has also claimed £202 a month in income support. Something about biting the hand that feeds you!

In a recent interview, he said: "Do I know how to make liquid explosives? No, I'm not military-trained. I can make an omelet."

Sounds strange when coming from a man whose extremism is laced with threats of violence.

Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

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