Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Training Video For Islamic Schools

It is our Islamic duty to teach our children that all Christians and Jews are descendants of pigs and apes and that they will be permanently burn in hell fire. There will be no exceptions. Only Muslims will go to paradise. All this is mentioned at so many places in Quran and hadiths. Even a Christian as pious as Mother Teresa will be bathed in super hot boiling water and burn in hell till eternity while the worst killer, a professional robber and serial rapist who is an Islamic shaheed will get the highest class in paradise living in palaces of Gold and silver, drinking best wine and enjoying sex with 72 virgins by the grace of Allah.
Sometimes Jews, Hindus and Christians change their names and pose as Muslims to get well paying teaching jobs in Muslim schools... One such fake Muslim taught in an Islamic school in England. He was discovered and kicked out promptly... The rat went to BBC and told them what we teach to our Muslim children. Here is the director of our Islamic school Dr. Sumaya Alyusuf, demonstrating how to pull wool over infidel eyes by using the basic Islamic tenets of Taqiyya ::

1.  Lying through your teeth

2.  Denying every allegation

3.  Never giving a straight answer

4.  Using your bread and butter tactics of “out of context”, “wrong interpretation” and “wrong translation” “whole paragraph/storyv must be read” repeatedly

5.  Basically giving them a run around

The video of the BBC interview::

This trained mujahida performed magnificently without giving an inch to the dirt bag infidel and winning the debate handily. Alhamdulillah she saved the good name of Islam and the honor of her school.

This video should be put on all Islamic websites and also shown as a training video to all Islamic school teachers.

Jazakallah Khair.

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