Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims


Note: This article is a satire


A muslim must act in the best interest of islam and listen to his leader/Imam. If leader/Imam says killing your,mother serves islam you must kill her without any hesitation. That is what quran and our prophet taught and that is what true muslims are doing daily by killing bad muslims in Darul Islam and kuffar in Darul Harb at the expense of their own lives. Farooq Dar is one such Kashmiri true muslim who killed over 20 kuffar and bad muslims before getting caught. He is very excited and is looking forward to his shahadat by hanging, the day he will achieve paradise as promised by Allah (9.111) and start having sex with 72 virgins with swelling breasts (78.33)(by the way he is also a virgin and had never been intimate with a woman before).

Watch the interview with this happy camper in kafir jail ( sorry it is in urdu).



A highly educated well to- do true Islamic father sent his only two sons to a Madarsa in Karachi to be trained in quran and hadiths (Masahallh, that is a true islam, all US muslims must follow his example). These young boys who were brought up in a comfortable home in a US suburb, now live in a nasty rundown Madrasa hostel.

In US they had their own beds, now they have to share them (many imams have been accused of sharing beds with their students). Their hostel is unsanitary and fly infested, their cots have bed bugs and their toilets stink. They live in sweltering heat of Karachi without A/C .

Instead of watching TV, they have to listen to Imams scaring s--t out of them with description of torture in graves and fires of hell. Instead of playing ball seven times a week, they are praying salat five times a day. In US they used to dream of becoming a doctors and making a lot of money. Now they dream of becoming a shaeeds and copulating with 72 virgins... First they hated it there and cried daily, now after three years of true islam, they learned to love it.

Here is the video showing how they changed in three years. Such is the power of islam. Full credit and sawab goes to their father, who sent their bright boys to Madarasa instead of preparing them for Ivy League schools like many of his colleagues did... Jazakallah Khair.

In this madrasa alone there are about 80 such US citizen kids. The good news for USA is that there are 20,000 madrasa in Pakistan. Inshallah when thousands of these Madrasa graduates return to USA, they will be able to fulfill the dream of CAIR, that is establishing Sharia here (founder of CAIR Omar M. Ahmad had said: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth,")...

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