Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Shameful Persecution of Pious Mosque Leaders in UK

Note: This article is a satire

These days kuffars are falsely accusing pious muslim leaders of sexual crimes. One such respectable mosque leader in Scotland was falsely accused several times by young nymphomaniacs. Thanks to a very fair British judicial system, liberal leftist multiculturust judges, and Allah’s blessing due to his lifetime of prayers and fasts, he is still a free man.

Case 1

Haji Farooq Hussain, a 56 year old happily married man and a bearded pot bellied mosque leader was minding his own business one day when a 14 year old very attractive shapely young lady approached him .

She was apparently turned on by his long graceful Arabic tunic (tope) , wild grey beard and rugged middle eastern features.

When he ignored her she tried to seduce him by exposing herself . When that did not work she grabbed his face and forced herself on him. Poor Hussain could hardly breath and almost got choked to death by this well endowed nymph. He gasped for breath and kept reciting ”Astaghfirullah”. He finally pushed her away and escaped.. The unfulfilled and frustrated young woman felt humiliated by the rejection and reported him to police accusing the pious imam of sexual attack. Later the poor man was picked up when saliva found on her breasts matched with his, through DNA testing. He truthfully explained to the police how his saliva got there , to clear his good name. Here is the news item in British press.

I spat on teen girl after she flashed her breasts at me, claims sex attack row man

By Gordon Currie
Glasgow Daily Record
9 July 2008

A MUSLIM mosque leader yesterday claimed he spat on a 14-year-old girl after she flashed her breasts at him.

Farooq Hussain told a court that was how his DNA was found on her.

Perth Sheriff Court heard Hussain - who is a mosque leader and prominent Muslim in Scotland - claim the girl had shoved her breasts in his face and he had been "disgusted, embarrassed and degraded".

He said: "She stood up and quickly lifted her top and pulled her breasts out and put them in my face and mouth”.

"I spat on her. She started wiping the spit on her breasts."

The court had already heard the girl describe how she was attacked by Hussain.

Married Hussain 56, of Perth, also denies a sex attack on a 15-year-old girl in 2002 and two other charges relating to a 14-year-old girl last year.

Another charge concerning a third girl in 2002 was dropped


Case 2

Poor Farooq Hussain became the victim of the lust of another 15 year old attractive young lady who also reported him to police after he rejected her advances.

Sex attack by mosque leader

By Gordon Curie
Glasgow Daily Record
Jul 8 2008

Girl said: "He started touching my thighs and I told him to get off me, which he didn't. I tried to get away and he pushed me against a filing cabinet.

"He put his hand down my trousers. He went up my top with his hands as well."

Married Farooq Hussain, 56, head of a mosque in Perth and a prominent member of Scotland's Muslim community, denies sex attacks on three young girls.

Case 3

A 14 year old girl reported Imam Farooq Hussain to police after successfully sexually assaulting him.

Mosque leader sexually assaults a 14 year old

By Gordon Currie
Jul 5 2008

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl wept yesterday as she told a jury how she was sexually assaulted by a mosque leader.

The girl said that Farooq Hussain forced himself upon her while she was helping him decorate one of his flats.

She said: "He came behind me and put his hands on my waist. He touched me and started doing other stuff."

The girl - one of three that Hussain is said to have attacked - claimed her chest was left bruised as a result of the attack.

When I cried Farooq kept asking what was wrong and I said, 'You know what you have done. You are not supposed to do that. I'm phoning the police'.

Hussain, 56, head of a mosque in Perth and a prominent member of the Muslim community, denies sexual assault.

She said Farooq Hussain 56, of Pitcullen Crescent, Perth, a married man, offered to give her money.

The girl said her mother's face "went white" when she told her what Farooq had done. She wanted to take a bath but was advised not to until police had spoken to her.

Hussain is alleged to have carried out a series of sexual assaults against 14 and 15-year-old girls around Perth over a five-year period.

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