Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

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Note: This article may be a satire


Hundreds of women get raped daily in the Western world. Most of the rapists never get caught. Millions of dollars are spent on DNA testing and other investigations. Victims have to face embarrassing testimonies in court. If the rapist is not apprehended, they have to live in fear all their lives. Only if Islamic knowledge is put to use, all these problems can be avoided and the criminal can be easily caught. These kuffars have no clue to the fact that Allah writes the name of the rapists on the private part of the victims. All they have to do is to employ an Islamic scholar trained in reading female private parts and you can catch the rapists in no time. Get your tips here:


First watch this video of ex-jihadist, Dr Taufique Hamid, who explains why horny young muslim men suicide bomb to be able to copulate with virgins in paradise.

Well that was before our smart Islamic scholars found a wonderful way, in which these aspiring young men dieing to have sex don’t have to die to have sex; they can enjoy virgins here and now and also get brownie points for sex with 72 virgins in the hereafter (one virgins in hand is better than 72 in the hereafter anyways). All they have to do is to rape a virgin Muslim sister and the Jihadi Jamat takes care of the rest.. That Muslima is talked into suicide bombing to avoid the disgrace and shame. The raped one then carries out suicide bombing, killing and getting killed for Allah, and gaining paradise as guaranteed by Quran (9:111). Find more tips here:


Here is a middle school boy taking his final exam practicals for his course “beheading 101” in the Binnouri Madarasa, Karachi Pakistan:

Beheading training obtained in Binnouri Madrasa came handy to another graduate, when his wife demanded divorce from him:

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