Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Muhammad the Fief Distributor

My grandmother used to tell me stories of Prophet Muhammad in my childhood; these were commonly about his tolerance, kindness, virtues and love for animals etc.? She told me that our prophet was very simple; he led simple life. He never made any castle; he spent his life in simple house. He used to sleep on floor. But the Muhammad that exists in my grandmother’s mind never exists in history.
Muhammad was an orphan. He used to look after the goats of his grand father. Before his marriage to Khadija, he was nothing. All the stories which Muslims always recall are of the Meccan period of Muhammad's life when he was nothing, has nothing. He started drama of simplicity etc. to attract the Meccan people.

But after snatching the properties of the Jews of medina, he did all to satisfy his ego. But why did he not make any palace or castle? Answer is very simple. It was not customary to make huge palaces and building in Arabia in general. Muhammad was a simple pagan of Arabic desert before his drama of prophethood. So he was not having such a mentality to make palaces etc. The only wish which he could have was to have a collection of women in his harem.

We Indians, sometimes wonders about the wealth and property of Mughal rulers of the subcontinent. There are many stories about the wealth and generosity. But Muhammad was of mould of the Mughals.

Narrated By Abdullah ibn Umar: The Prophet (pbuh) gave az-Zubayr the land as a fief up to the reach of his horse when he runs. He, therefore, made his horse run until it stopped. He then threw his flog. Thereupon he said: Give him (the land) up to the point where his flog has reached. (13: 3066.abu dawud)

Above hadith is self-explaining, but one thing I always think is that check out the mentality of greedy follower of the greedy prophet. He threw his flog to get some meters of land more.

This hadith always reminds me the stories of 'fief distribution' among the Mughal emperors.

Here are some more ahadiths.

Narrated By Alqamah ibn Wa'il : The Prophet (pbuh) bestowed land in Hadramawt as fief. (13:3052abu dawud)

Narrated By Abyad ibn Hammal : Abyad went to the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) and asked him for assigning him (the mines of) salt as fief. (The narrator Ibn al-Mutawakkil said: which was in Ma'arib.)

So he assigned it to him as a fief. When he returned, a man in the meeting asked: Do you know what you have assigned him as a fief? You have assigned him the perennial spring water. So he took it back from him. He asked him about protecting land which had arak trees growing in it. He replied: He could have such as been beyond the region where the hoofs (of camels) went. (13:3058abu dawud)

I studied a good deal of history, but I never come across any incident amongst Mughals that some one have given so much costly thing as fief. But here Muhammad seems surpass to the examples in history. He was undoubtedly a great fief-distributor and looter in history.

Narrated By Asmar ibn Mudarris: I came to the Prophet (pbuh), and took the oath of allegiance to him. He said: If anyone reaches a water which has not been approached before by any Muslim, it belongs to him. The people, therefore, went out running and marking (on the land). (13:3065abu dawud)

Just imagine the scene, when Muslims would be running and marking the land to snatch from Jews of khaiber. What scene should be there? What would the Jews thinking about the Muhammad? How could any fair and just God allow any one to snatch and loot in such a way?

Actually point is that ,my grandmother hasn’t yet read Quran and hadith but I have. So I always listen her carefully and smile that how much Muslims are away from reality.

Narrated By AbuHurayrah: The Prophet (pbuh) said: A fifth is payable on buried treasure. (13:3079abu dawud)

Amar Khan is a Pakistan-born ex-Muslim.

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