Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

A Brief Account of Evolving Islam

The very first question that arises for an ex Muslim after leaving Islam is that if Mohammed was such a pedophilic cult leader then how Islam becomes 2nd biggest religion of the world. The answer is not so simple because it needs to study the whole history of Islam. But the answer always given is simply “evolution”. That is a word which Charles Darwin used in his Origin of Species, but actually the word evolution worth more than simple evolution of living organisms. It prevails over every aspect of life even religion is included in it. Now coming to the point, Islam is also product of evolution as all living things are.

You will be victimized if you say that Mohammed was not sinless in present day society but in the early phase of Islam Mohammed was consider only man prophet who can err. Due to this reason many early writer like Tabri etc. wrote incidents of Satanic verses and many others there is a whole article about this here.

The evolution starts when Mohammed migrated to medina .where he came across the Jews and Christians. So fasting, Eid, circumcision and other rituals were added to Islam. Mohammed did this first to attract Jews to his new invented religion but when they refused, the hate chapter of Quran came into action and the verses of hatred were revealed against the Jews. The present-day hatred in the heart of Muslims for Jews is due to those verses. Especially the famous verses which say Jews are apes and pigs.

After the death of Mohammed, the father of his child-bride Abu baker became Caliph. Evolution worked on Islam in this era and many new rituals e.g. two times azan in juma prayer and jihad against the Muslims who refused to give zakat tax etc. were invented. Similarly, in the reign of Omer evolution worked and starting of tarawi prayer ,reformation of Islamic laws , forbidding of Muta (temporary marriage) etc were the changes. In this era Islamic “holy” looting was at the peak.

After the invasion of Persia, Islam came across the theories of early Persian people who were impressed by the Greeks. Which cause the emergence of mutazalites and kharjites who prefer human reasoning to the revelation. To stop these sects the fundamentalists came into action and Imam Ghazali (d. 1111) gave fatwa that those who prefer brain to revelation are infidels. This caused strictness in Islam; the way to human reasoning was blocked. In this face of evolution Islam was upgraded from a cult to a status of religion. At that time, ahadith books were written. And many changes were made in it due to which a lot of sects and deviant ideologies appeared and that time Mohammed was made an ideal and errorless personality.

Similarly, when Islam entered India, by the sword of Mohammed bin Qasim. Due to enforcement of jazia and caste system of India a lot of people became Muslim. Here Islamic evolution had a dramatic change. When Islam came across the tolerated Vedic religion it was so changed and give birth to Islamic sufiism. Which is Islamic form of Hindu philosophies. The theories of karma , wahda tul wajud and many other were very popular in the India.

In the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar (d. 1605), an amalgam of Hinduism and Islam was preached which he declared as “deen e ilahi” or "religion of god". In that age evolution was at its peak. And Islam was totally reformed. Though all the attempts were nullified by Akbar’s successors but its remnants are still present in Islamic society of India.

Even my ancestor became Muslim due to these philosophies which calls for respect for every one. But evolution never stops. Soon, the real face of Islam started reaching India. This process started when Shah Wali Allah (d. 1762) translated Quran into Persian language which causes people to read the satanic verses of hate and terrorism. Soon after that the militantly puritanical Islamic movement of wahabism, preached by Saudi scholar Abdul Wahab, started. This was the real face of Islam. When it reached India, it caused disturbance in peace-loving society. Severe response was given against this ideologies from both Muslims and Hindus. Even now, people in Pakistan hate the wahabis even more than satan. But evolution was still working in this scenario.

Face of Islam was totally changed in India and Derailvi and Deobandi sect was emerged. These are amalgam of Islam and Hindu ideologies of saints and gurus. There is same Hinduic system of guru etc.

But after the creation of Pakistan, when these sects came across the real hardcore Islamic ideologies, they surrendered to the terrorist face of Islam. The preaching of violent Islam by these sects reached at its peak during the Afghan war against Russia.

In Europe, when Islam came across Christianity, it can’t withstand and sect of submitters originated to hide the violent history of Islam.

But still there are reformers in Islamic land. And in my family I am pretending to be a reformer type Muslim. Who wants change in traditional Islam. Though Dr. Ali Sina thought that Islam can be vanished by striking its core, Mohammed and the Quran, it seems difficult in Islamic lands like Pakistan. I, therefore, support reformation and reformers. I will quote some reformations which I have noted.

There are a lot of hadiths that says 'picture' is haram in Islam. The angels of blessing never enter where there is a picture and so on. Early scholars refused to capture a picture but now they reformed those hadiths and legalized the pictures. Similarly, when Shah Wali Allah translated Quran he was declared as infidel by majority of ulemas of his age but now translating Quran is not sin. Giving blood to any one was haram first now, it is halal.

Similarly, many reformations have done in Islamic veil and even listening music is declared as halal by contemporary Islamic scholars, Javed Ahmad Ghamdi and Dr Tahirul Qadri.

Amar Khan is a Pakistan ex-Muslim.

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