Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Aisha's Memoirs: An Important 21st-century Discovery

Ex-Muslim Scientists have discovered some scraps of Aisha's diary.

Aisha was the child bride of Prophet Mohammed. It is hoped that her memoirs will help us understand Islam with clarity.

Though it is difficult to understand the antique passages because they are written on camel's skin, I have been able to decipher some parts of the memoirs of the mother of believers, Aisha. Though they are not completely decoded but some of them are pasted here.

Today, I woke up early in the morning by the slapping of my father on my cheeks for prayer. I tried to hide myself from dad but he forced me to say prayer—saying that, prophet ordered to beat the children who do not say prayer. So I said prayer unwilling to the moon god, Allah—worshipped in Mecca for centuries. Before sunrise, I heard some voice of people trying to escape from Mecca, ordered by prophet Mohammed, to Abyssinia, because their families were trying to seduce them away from Islam. They escaped quietly with the Meccans unaware. Other followers of prophet were harassed by the Meccans to some extent but prophet himself was unharmed under the custody of Khadija and his uncle

I took my dolls and went to my friend's house. Where we played with swing. But again my dad came calling me for Zuhr prayer. What the hell is this, I asked in my heart and went to please the moon god Allah. Actually, I was afraid of the throne from where the sun use to move around. So, I thought better to say prayers. After doing some ups and downs, I came back to my friend's house. Here Ali bin talib came and started teasing us and was doing some thing with my lower part. I started crying. With my goodness, my brother Abdullah came, but Ali had ran away by that time. I remembered that incident and promised to take revenge at a later time. After that, nothing special happen. I went to sleep as usual.

Today, I was woken up again in the early morning in the same manner, happening for many months. Before breakfast, I heard my dad saying, emigrant of Abyssinia are returning because prophet have said that lat, Manat and Uzza are the daughters of Allah, the moon god. But later at noon, I heard him saying that the prophet revoked his recognition of Manat and Uzza, and the pagans are unhappy with that. He said that the prophet's tongue was slipped by the satan. I thought in my mind whether those were satanic verses. Thereafter nothing worth mentioning happened for a number of years except that one of my dolls got married.

Today, I woke up with the kicks of my father, he went more fierce after coming here in Medina. Perhaps due to financial pressure. after break fast prophet came to our house. I greeted him as I always used to greet all of our guests. He was looking at me with very different kind of eyesight. I went to give him milk of camel. Mean while he put me on his lap. And started fondling. At the same time, my dad came he ordered me to move inside.

I went inside but started listening his talk. Prophet was ask for me to my dad. But he said that Aisha's hair are falling so she can not be married with you. Prophet grew more fierce and said, "if you don’t believe me, then I will give you hand of my daughter Fatima."

My dad replied, "but you are my brother."

He said, "you are my brother in the book of moon god Allah but I want to taste Aisha."

I was only six and didn’t understanding all the talks. Then nothing special happened for some time except that my dad gave me a horse toy having wings.

Today, I woke up at sun rise because my dad was gone to medina with the prophet.

So, I didn’t bowed against the moon god Allah. Then my mom said me to pack up your luggage and went to Medina. So, a whole many days were wasted in traveling. That was the worst experience of my life; because, I lost all of my nice pagan friends. Even I left my newly born doll there in Mecca. But I could do nothing but cry at the stack of the camel.

Today, three years after the prophet asked my dad for my hand, is a very special day and I know that many scholars would mention this day for ever. Because this is the day, when I had a very drastic experience of my life.

This is the day, which will help many enlightened people to see the reality of Islam.

I don’t know how to tell. From where should I start. The experience was so painful that I feel numbed; I cannot write anymore. I will try to write tomorrow, if get escaped death tonight.

One week later, I am able to write this, because I want to share this drastic experience with my future Muslimah friends, so that, they may escape from child marriages.

Actually, at that day, an ansari women came to our house and comb my hair. I was dressed, perfumed and kissed awfully by my mother. Then I was surprised when prophet came to me. I put me in his lap and started fondling my nipples. But they weren’t grown at that time. Then what happen to my body can not be described because after all I am the  mother of all the believers by now. And this is my diary, not a police station, where whole case should be written. But that was the most traumatic day of my memoirs.

Today, prophet decided to divorced the Sauda bint Zamah because she was very old and prophet loved to fondle virgins like me. But, she begged for mercy and gave her nights of sleeping with the prophet to me. I interceded for her and the prophet accepted, because he got more chances to be with me. After that, I came across Safwan bin Muathal—a cool, handsome, young and kind boy. I felt so attracted to him that I was dying to have some time with him. One day, I slipped from prophet's camel-driven carriage and went to meet him. He loved me. But he was afraid of the prophet—looter pedophile and extremely cruel. So I left him after having some ..., you know what. But, unfortunately some other wives of the prophet watched me and reported to the Prophet. He was very angry with me. He boycotted me for days. But at night, he was dying of his lust. Thanks to my moon god Allah, he understood the lust of the prophet and interrupted in this matter to prove my innocence. I thought that our moon god was very worried about the lust of the prophet.

Today, I woke up at sunrise, without any worry because Mohammed was busy in war of the trench against the nonbelievers. The war ended at noon. After zuhr prayer, the prophet came to my house and took some rest. Then suddenly his body starting shivering. He started behaving abnormally. Suddenly, the prophet got something in his mind and called his followers that Gabriel asked him to fight with the Jews of bano Quraiza. He departed to attack the Jews. The Jews surrendered unconditionally and pleaded the Prophet to let them go to exile. But the prophet ordered to kill them all. Trenches were dug in the streets of Medina. And gradually all the Jews were killed. I think more than 600 of them were beheaded on that day by the prophet. I was dumbfounded to see the horrifying spectacle, but could not do any thing. I thought, I write it down in my memoir, so that my fellow human beings can learn something about this in future.

Today, I woke up late at noon, because prophet could not sleep whole night due to poison given to him at the conquest of Khaiber. The prophet came to me at the time of aser and lay his head on my little chest. He was breathing his last. In the meantime, he vomited and whole stuff spread on my chest. I thought to push the prophet away. But I was afraid of being killed by his fanatic disciples. And, fortunately, he departed soon. I pushed his heavy head away. I called my dad. Congratulate him that he will be next Caliph. I advised him to announced his Caliphate before Ali. That's how I took revenge against him.

Other parts of memoirs are currently being analyzed in laboratory. Where Dr Ali Sina and his colleagues are doing hard work to expose that realities.

I hope that in next edition more memoirs will be introduced.

Amar Khan is a Pakistan-born ex-Muslim.

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