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Smashing the Fear of Allah

Dren writes Dr Ali Sina:
I am a man who has spend half of his life as a Muslim than got out of it and lived as an atheist - a prophet for myself I guess. But lately I have been really scared that I might not be on the right track. Age is doing this I guess. Our ultimate fear is Death after all.

I know that Allah is a lunatic , a heartless terrible disgusting “GOD”. And he is so terrible that I am scared to the mere possibility that He may just be real. I don’t have proof enough to disprove him. I went through your site and liked some part but you are too concerned with Allah’s morals than his authenticity.

What if he is a BAD god? What if when I die I’ll burn in hell forever? Although even if I went to Heaven and knew that there is one soul burning, it would be hell enough for me.

So this is a desperate cry for you to “disprove” Allah to me so I can live peacefully and die in peace. I would owe you my life. I do not want to live frightened anymore.

You don’t have to reply immediately. Take your time and give hard convincing evidence because if anyone is going to save me from my misery it is you.



Ali Sina replies:

First of all, thank you for the great confidence that you have in me to save you from misery. LOL. That is quite a tall order. I wish I could solve some of my own problems. But I can answer your question and you don’t owe me anything except that you should help other Muslims see the light and free themselves from this sadistic fear that Muhammad has placed in their hearts.

Narcissists use fear to get what they want. They frighten you and tell you if you do not do what they tell you, terrible things will happen to you. A good example is this buffoon that Americans have voted to be their president. Watch him carefully and you’ll see Muhammad come alive. See how this man who won the election (fraudulently) promising hope is engaging in fear mongering and telling the Senate that if they do not approve his ’stimulus’ package there will be dire consequences. In fact the reverse is true. But I will talk about that in another occasion. The point is that narcissists and psychopaths use fear as their tool to get what they want.

Of course, if there is any God, he cannot be evil or sadistic. Those who promote the idea of such a god are themselves evil and sadistic and their god is a reflection of who they are. Muhammad had no logical arguments to prove his claim. So he resorted to the old tactic of fear mongering and like any seasoned narcissist, posited himself as a “warner” and told everyone if they don’t believe in him, his god would burn them forever.

It is foolish to let a psychopath control our lives with his lies. Let us assume that God exists. Would he care whether we humans worship him? To find the answer to this question let’s evaluate our place in this universe. It is estimated that there are about 400 billion stars in our own galaxy, each a sun with its own planets. All the stars that you see in a clear night are our next door neighbors, part of the Milky Way. It takes light about 100,000 years to go from one end of this neighborhood to the other. To give you an idea how big is that, think that it takes light of the Sun eight minutes to reach the Earth. Now if that does not blow your mind, think that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in this universe. Can you even imagine these astronomical numbers? Now assume that even if one in a million of these stars have a planet with intelligent beings on them, there must be billions of various species of intelligent creatures populating the universe.

But that is not all. Scientists believe that there is no reason to assume there is only one universe. There could be billions of universes just like ours in times and spaces completely alien to us, which means we can never be sure of their existence, let alone see them, but most certainly they exist, because the same laws that gave birth to our universe must have given birth to billions more. That is how nature works. Everything nature does, does it in abundance. I’d like to call this the law of abundance.

Now, assuming all these universes are created by a god, would such a being care whether creatures as insignificant as us humans on this insignificant planet in the midst of this vast galaxy which by itself is insignificant in relation to the universe, which may be one in a billion universes, worship him or not? If we come to our sense and instead of thinking we are the purpose of creation see ourselves in the proper light, we’d realize how foolish is our thinking about ourselves and our self made god.

Would you give a hoot if the ants in your backyard worship you? The difference between you and the ants in your yard is insignificant compared to the difference that exists between you and the maker of these multiverses. Don’t you think by assuming that this magnificent being is concerned whether tiny creatures like us humans worship him or not is damn stupid? If God actually exists, it is nothing short of blasphemy to say he is so desperate to be known and worshiped that he would punish measly creatures like humans for eternity just because we did not worship him. What would you think of me if you see me picking the ants in my garden and throwing them in fire and tell you, I am pissed off of them because they do not bow to me despite letting them live on my property with no rent? Wouldn’t you say Ali is crazy? Then how is it that when a charlatan narcissist like Muhammad attributes such craziness to God you fear that he may be telling the truth?

The fact is that Muhammad was a liar. He could not say, I want power, I want money, I want women and I want you to worship me and obey me. So he invented a deity who was none but his own alter ego and made him tell the foolhardy people to obey Muhammad and do his bidding. So he’d say, fight for Allah and his messenger, bring the booty to Allah and his messenger, the prettiest girls captured in the raids belong to Allah and his messenger. he made Allah responsible for all his crimes and by making himself his partner he enjoyed all the loot. I assure you Allah never saw a dime of those loots. It all went to the coffers of this bogus prophet.

Would really an all powerful god need the help of humans to kill his detractors? If Muslims only thought about this question alone they would leave Islam. Alas this fear that their psychopath prophet has has placed in them is so strong that they are rendered incapable of thinking. The god of Muhammad is a fabrication of his sick mind. He is a psychopath like Muhammad who created him.

Assuming there is God, you can be sure He does not give a hoot whether we worship him or not. Such a belief trivializes God to the point of blasphemy. Allah is a psychopath narcissist because Muhammad was a psychopath narcissist. Now if actually God exists, he would rule the world through laws.

In the past people believed that angels moved the moon, the sun and the planets. Believe it or not even Newton thought so. Eventually we realized that heavenly bodies move thanks to physical laws. If there is life after death (and I want to make it clear that I neither accept nor deny it) and if there is a spiritual realm, it too must be governed by laws, not by cherubs, cupids, angels, demons or other ghostly beings. Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical world, there must be spiritual laws that govern the spiritual world.

What are those spiritual laws? They are easy to understand. Anything that makes another human being’s life better is good and anything that harms him is bad. That is all you need to know. Be good to others, and if there is existence beyond this life, you don’t have to worry. Even Muslims understand this law, but do not apply it. They understand it because when they want to defend Islam they lie and they speak loftily of their criminal prophet. They never mention that he was a pedophile, a torturer, a rapist, a terrorist. or a looter. Instead they claim he was honest, generous, kind and compassionate. That is not true, but it shows even Muslims know what is good and what is evil. If Muslims can get it, anyone can get it.

There is no one who would punish or reward you for belief or disbelief. But the idea that we may progress spiritually in the other world, assuming there is one, makes sense. Although I am not banking on afterlife, I am prepared for it. I know that if I survive, I will be very content of the life that I lived in this world. I never deliberately harmed another human being, even though many people harmed me intentionally. I did everything I could to be a solace to others. That is all that counts. Therefore, I don’t fear death. Even if I meet that light that people with near death experience say they saw and think it was God, I am absolutely sure that I will be accepted and will never be taunted because of my disbelief.

Let us say the Light asks, Ali why you never believed me? I’d say, your arguments never made sense to me. If you really wanted me to believe, you had to either speak a little more intelligently or create me a little more stupid. It is not my fault that you give me a brain that finds everything about you illogical and absurd. How would I distinguish truth from falsehood if not by using my brain? When I used my brain I did not find any sense in believing in your existence. Now that I see you of course I believe you and if it makes you happy I even worship you. Not please let me pass. I haven’t seen my grandma for a long time and I miss her. I am sure, God does not care whether I worship him or not. He would be happy to see my resume. That is really all that counts. Our deeds are important. Our beliefs are not.

I give you my words that if there is a hell Muhammad is the one who is burning there. A Just God would send evil people to hell, not those who use their brain. Muhammad lied about so many things that we can show. Why should we believe in him at all, or fear his sadistic deity?

I can make a simple argument that would prove Muhammad was a liar. Muhammad claimed to be sent by the same god that sent Jesus. Well, this is a blatant lie. Unless this god has multiple personalities, there is no resemblance between the god of Jesus and that of Muhammad. The god of Jesus is generally a loving god, but the god of Muhammad is vengeful, tyrannical and a brute. So either Jesus was lying and God is evil or Muhammad was lying and God is not evil. But if Jesus was a liar, Muhammad has lied about Jesus being a messenger of God. He also said Allah is merciful, just and compassionate. By reading the Quran and the Sira we know that is not true. Simple logic makes us see that Muhammad was a liar. If he lied about the nature of Allah he could have lied about everything else.

Once you know that Muhammad was a liar, you don’t have to believe in anything that charlatan said and don’t have to fear his bogus psychopath deity either. If God exists he must resemble the god of Jesus and not the god of Muhammad. He must be a loving god and not a tyrannical sadist god. (In reality I believe God resembles the God of Einstein. It is the Principle and not a sentient being)

The attributes of Allah as described by Muhammad are all satanic. So it is fair to say Muhammad was a messenger of Satan and not of God. The result speaks for itself. See how the followers of Muhammad live and behave. To the extent that that they follow him, they act evil. This proves Muslims are demon worshippers. So if you really fear hell, make sure you don’t believe in Muhammad. If hell is real, Muslims who follow Muhammad and do his biddings will go there.

Ali Sina is the editor of He is has contributed in 'Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside Islam'.  His latest book is Understanding Muhammad: The Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet.

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