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Quranic Science: How Can Quran Concisely Describe Child in the Womb?


Letter to Dr Ali Sina (Editor, FFI):

Hello, i am a 16 years old female from London and i recently reverted to Islam.

I feel that Islam holds many truths and so much of it makes sense, i mean how can you explain the Qu'ran's concise descriptions of a child in the womb? And what about the Qu'ran saying that the world was formed by a 'big bang?' Surely this can not all be fiction.

My faith is quite strong, but i can not get rid of the nagging voice in my head that is constantly asking me is this really the truth, although i try to dismiss this voice as Shaytan.

It concerns me however, that many of the questions i ask can be dismissed so quickly. Like for example, when i wonder if there is really a God, i find myself fearing this blasphemous thought, putting it down to the disease of the heart and Shaytans whisperings. I just want to know the truth, and i don't know what to believe. My father is also from Iran, and he too does not practice Islam, so if all there born Muslims doubt the faith, there must be a reason...right?

I’m not sure if its true, but i was told by one of my friends that the Qu'ran says that a sign of an impending judgment day is when the born Muslims have less faith than the reverts...and if this is true then surely this is showing that Islam must be a true religion.

However, the discrepancies in the Qu'ran shown on your sight have disturbed me and have made me feel that perhaps i should ask more questions, instead of putting everything doubt down to Shaytan. My friend has also told me that doubts are a sign of lack of knowledge, because Islam has the answers to all questions.

I appreciate that you are very busy, and that you probably have better things to do than give advise to a silly English teenager, but I am very confused and every time I seem to feel like I finally have solidified my faith, some other queries or doubt resurfaces.

Thanks and Inshallah i hear from you soon.


Ali Sina replies:

Dear 16 years old female from London. The Quran contains no truth and makes no sense. Muslims love to deceive themselves and deceive others too. Those of us who left Islam grew up listening to all those lies. Eventually, when we studied and understood the Quran, we realized we have been deceived. Islam is a lie, a big hoax. It is not only stupid, but also evil. There is not a single miracle or extraordinary statement in the Quran. Far from being the word of God, the Quran is written by a very ignorant man who knew less than ordinary people of his own time and place. It is clear that the author of that book did not have any education and was an illiterate ignoramus. He was, nonetheless, a deceitful manipulative charlatan.

Muslims claim the Quran contains miracles. I am offering $50,000 dollars to anyone who can show one such miracle - just one, and I will give them that money and remove this site. All those claims of miracle and science in the Quran are false and wishful thinking. Some of those claims are made by a coupe of unscrupulous westerners, such as Maurice Bucaille and Keith Moore to make money off the foolhardy Muslims when they themselves did not accept Islam as their own religion. Not only they received huge sums from the Saudi King, their books have become best sellers in all Islamic countries. These shameless charlatans lied to make money but by doing so they made Muslims stuck in their ignorance, vented their fanaticism and encouraged their terrorism. These two greedy conmen should be remembered and spitted at.

It is amazing that Muslims try to pass the errors of the Quran for miracles. Take the example of the development of embryo that you mentioned. What the Quran says about embryo is completely wrong. In fact many Muslims have left Islam because they saw this obvious error and realized the Quran cannot be from God. Here is the testimony of one Egyptian doctor who left Islam because he could not reconcile the embryology of Muhammad with real science.

In his debate with Zakir Naik, Dr. Campbell also shows the error of the Quran as you can read here:

The Quran does not say the world was formed by the Big Bang. This is a lie that Muslims love to say. The Quran merely rehashes an old lore of the ancient people of Mesopotamia, who believed the great god Marduk slew Tiamat the dragon goddess of salt water, who was the personification of the untame, primeval forces of the Universe and split her corpse in two, making the Earth from half of it and lifting the other half to make the sky. Please see the following articles on this subject and see for yourself how Muslims deceive themselves with fairy tales:
and here

The voice that nags in your head is not the voice of Shaytan, but the voice of reason and reason is from God. It is blind faith, stupidity and ignorance that come from Shaytan. A true God will never want us to believe in things that make no sense. He gave us the brains to use it not to ignore it. It is Satan that wants you to silence your reason in order for him to deceive you with his lies.

You are not the only one who has these nagging questions. All the Muslims have them. Muslims are not born stupid. They make themselves stupid because they fear to use their brain. They fear that if they ask difficult questions from God who may not be able to answer, the creator of the Universe will be embarrassed and He will send them to Hell. Isn’t that stupid? Isn’t that blasphemy? How can God send people to Hell for asking questions? Does He want to fill the paradise with stupid and ignorant people?

You say your faith is strong. Strong faith is not a virtue. Many people commit heinous crimes, murder, bomb, and blow up their own selves because they have strong faith. God does not reward us for strongly believing in lies. We must find the truth. Truth can only be found through doubting and questioning and not through believing. Once you find the truth you do not need to believe anymore because you KNOW.

God is not a sadist and he will never send anyone to hell for questioning and doubting. Why should he care if people worship him or not? This nonsense was advanced by the narcissist Muhammad because Allah was his own alter ego, his own hidden alias who approved all the evil things that he wanted to commit and was there only to meet his needs. It was Muhammad that needed praise and admiration, not God. Muhammad depicted Allah as a psychopath narcissist that feels good only if his creatures worship him and is extremely offended and hurt if they ignore him, to the extent that he will burn them and torture them for billions and trillions of years, endlessly, till eternity. How stupid one must become to believe in this patent lie? It is fear that makes Muslims stupid. They are born smart like anyone else, but refuse to think because of fear of punishment. If there is a God, he will not reward stupidity. He gave us brains so that we use it.

Ask any question and do not be satisfied until you hear convincing answers. This is how you can worship God and show your gratitude. If you give a shirt to a friend, what better way for her to thank you than wearing it always? The same is true with the gifts that God has given us. The greatest gift of God is reason. It is by using reason that we can show our gratitude to God, not by ignoring this gift. Do you see now how those who threaten you for using your brain are lying to you? If anyone tries to make you believe through fear, leave that person at once because fear is the instrument of Satan. Satan uses fear to silence people because he can’t use logic.

Does God exist? Yes, of course! But Muhammad had no understanding of God. The description that he gave of God is Satanic. Among the 99 names of God he also included Al-Mutakabbir (The Proud One), Al-Jabbar (The Despot), Al-Qahhar (The Subduer), Al-Khafid (The Abaser) Al-Mudhell (The Humiliator), Al-Mumit (The Death Giver) Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger), Ad-Darr (the Creator of the Harmful). According to the Quran Allah is khairul Makirin (the Best Deceiver). These are not divine attributes. They are attributes of Satan. There can be no doubt that Muhammad’s God was Demonic. That evil man was describing his own narcissistic self and not the creator of this magnificent universe. Here are my views on God. Compare them with Muhammad's asinine belief about God. That man had a very primitive mind. It is not befitting for rational people of this day and age to follow an ignorant man like him.

The Day of Judgment is already here. In this day everything will be judged with reason and logic. Islam is now being judged and it is being found to be a lie. It is going to be sent to hell, to where its founder resides. This is the Day where truth will have victory over falsehood and lies are becoming exposed. Islam is a lie because it can’t stand scrutiny.

For the last ten years I have been asking Muslims to give me ONE objective proof that Islam is true. I am even offering them a large sum of money as reward. Many have come forth to meet that challenge, but as you can read in the debates page and the forum of this site, all of them have failed. At least half a dozen websites have been specifically created to counter Periodically, Muslims resort to cyber terrorism, hack this site or painstakingly hack hundreds of computers to simultaneously attack this site with distributed denial of service so the site becomes burdened and inaccessible to surfers. This all proves the failure of Islam. All they have to do to shut this site is to refute it logically. They have failed to do so. Islam is not from God. It is a lie.

Your friend is wrong. Doubt is not the sign of lack of knowledge but the sign of intelligence and an inquisitive mind. It is thanks to doubt that we humans have advanced so much in science. Look around! Do you see the Earth is round? Do you see that the Earth is moving around the Sun? Not at all! The Earth seems to be flat and the Sun seems to be moving around the Earth. Your eyes say so, all religions said so and everyone believed it. A few intelligent men dared to doubt that conventional wisdom and because of their doubt truth became known and the world has advanced. They doubted and became heretics so you and I can live in a much more enlightened world. All scientific discoveries are made because someone dared to doubt the belief of the majority. Belief is for people who have no brains to question. The great men and women who wrote the history of mankind were all doubters, not believers. Dare to doubt! Dare to question! That is what distinguishes humans from animals. Only when you doubt you can find new truths and the world will progress.

You are not silly for asking questions. Silly are those who don’t ask and blindly believe. I am here to answer your questions. It is your generation that will inherit this world and I hope that you make it better so the generation that follows you does not have to live in a messed up world that you have inherited from us. I will die, but I will survive through those whom I awaken. This is my way to immortality. The world is messed up because the majority of people do not dare to doubt. They believe in any nonsense that was passed to them by their fathers and forefathers. You can change that. You can stop this cycle of ignorance. Do not believe in anything unless you understand it. As Buddha said, “doubt everything. Find your own light.”

Our beliefs are like our garments. We must keep changing them as we grow. What will happen if you grow but still wear the same old clothing that you wore in childhood? They will be tight. You will be uncomfortable and they tatter. This is what is happening to humanity. We are no longer the same people of one thousand or two thousand years ago. Our minds have changed. Our understanding and our world is changed. Despite that some still want to believe in the same fairytales that their ancestors and ignorant men of the bygone centuries believed. Those antiquated beliefs do no longer fit our grown up intellect. In order to wear them we have to shrink our intellect. This is what the believers of those fairytales do. They shrink their intellect in order to make those old beliefs fit.

Dare to question my young friend. Do not believe in anyone and do not let anyone threaten you to believe in things that do not make sense to you. God will NOT punish you for using his most precious gift. Use your brains! Question and doubt! That is what makes us human and what pleases God. Question even the very existence of God if you have to, but never give up questioning. If God exists he won’t be threatened by your questions. If He exists, he wants you to understand Him and not fear him. God is the god of reason, not the god of fear.

Do not be a believer, but a doubter and a guide unto your own.

Ali Sina is the editor of He is has contributed in 'Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside Islam'.  His latest book is Understanding Muhammad: The Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet will be published soon.

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