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After Death Assurances

Dear Ali Sina

There are people who claim they have seen heavens or given a choice to select the heavens or get back to the world. and for the sake of relatives, they chose to get back.

What does your research say? If God is love, why all this trouble?

Dear Abdul

Many people claim to have had near death experiences and saw their entire life pass in front of them like slideshow. Some have reported going through a tunnel and on the other side saw light, a loving being and even met their dead relatives who told them their time has not come and that they should return. Skeptics dismiss all that as brain function. I cannot opine on that. They could be right. However, there have been reports of people clinically dead who saw the operating crew working on them and heard their conversation when they were unconscious. Some even saw their loved ones in the waiting room of the hospital and remembered their talk. There is no scientific explanation to these claims and diehard skeptics prefer to deny the authenticity of such reports. I find that quite dishonest. Remember that the self proclaimed skeptics are actually believers in materialism. The basis of the materialistic faith is to deny anything you can’t understand and the limited discovered science cannot explain. I do not belong to these groups. I try to be a real skeptic and not a fanatical materialist. I have not just rejected religion but all faiths, including faith in materialism. Consequently I do not deny that life after death may exist. However, I have no solid evidence that such life exists. I cannot call all those who say they saw the doctors operating on them as liar either. I remain an agonistic until we learn more about this curious subject.

I am not rejecting life after death but Islam. I know for a fact that Islam is a lie, and Muhammad was a conman. He had no understanding of God and afterlife. His god is stupid, petty and evil like himself because it is his own projection. His depiction of afterlife, his heaven and hell and all those rivers of wine and honey and celestial whores, thirty meter tall and pearly boys are ridiculous. Once you leave Islam you may actually find the truth about many of the mysteries that boggle Muslims.

I do not believe in a deity. God as a person does not make sense to me and I cannot in any shape or form accept that there is a conscious being out there that controls the universe. This idea is illogical and puerile.

When I say God is love, I mean Love is supreme. Everything comes into being through love. Love is the essence and the binding force of all things, whether living or inanimate. Love in the inanimate world has an entirely different manifestation. It is expressed in natural laws. Therefore I believe in Love, which is the most august manifestation of the natural law, but not in a deity. I believe in the law but not in a lawmaker. It is much easier to believe that laws exist without a maker than believing a lawmaker can exist without a maker.

Despite all this, I do not want to promote atheism. As long as your god does not tell you that I must be subdued or killed, I will respect your choice to believe in anything you choose to believe. I do not see the solution to the human problems in atheism. Our problems are not rooted in the belief in God but rather in intolerance. If atheists opt to be intolerant of other beliefs, they can do just as much harm as intolerant religions can do. Islam is a theistic belief and Communism is an atheistic belief. Both are equally evil because both are intolerant beliefs. Militant atheism is just as pernicious and dangerous as religious militantism.

Why there is so much trouble in the world? What trouble? The world goes round according to the natural law and there is no trouble there. If you are referring to the problems affecting the human world, that is because we humans are law breakers. For example Islam is contrary to the natural law and those who follow this doctrine not only hurt themselves they are also a menace to the world.

Love in human world manifests itself in various forms including through brotherhood of all mankind. A doctrine that preaches hatred of mankind under the pretext that some people are infidels is a doctrine that is against love. You break any law and you pay the consequence of that. This is one of the reasons why Muslims are the most wretched people on world.

Which faith is right or if there is any such thing as true faith is not a question. The question is "What is destiny?" the question is "Is it all prewritten.

Faith is a powerful human faculty. If we use it in the right way we can reap huge benefits, but if we abuse it we can harm ourselves greatly. If you believe in your own creative power and potentials, if you have faith that you will be able to overcome all hardships and that with your own efforts you will beat all odds, you will benefit from your belief. But if you choose to believe in hocus pocus and fairytales, you have misplaced your faith and to the extent that your belief is against the natural law you get hurt and hurt others. Faith is power. You can use it for good or evil. Faith in Islam is utmost evil while faith in human potential is utmost good. To the extent that you distance yourself from reason and love for mankind and believe in absurdities and hatred taught by Muhammad you are evil. The more you go against what Muhammad spewed the better human you become. Those who follow Islam completely are completely evil. Islam is like a disease. You don’t die from diseases. You only die if they become extreme. Likewise you don’t become evil just by being a Muslim, however if your faith in Muhammad becomes strong you can be reduced into a beast. Do you think Muslim jihjadis are human? Far from it! They are worse than beasts. The difference between them and ordinary Muslims is in degrees of their faith. The more you believe in Muhammad, the more you evil you become to an extent that at some point you lose every trace of humanity and became a true incarnation of evil. That is why I consider those who promote “moderate Islam” as fools. It is like spreading a disease in moderation, arguing that Islam taken in moderation is not bad. Why not get rid of it completely?

Not all religions are the same. Some are more dangerous than others. I don’t believe in Christianity but I see nothing wrong in the teachings of Christ. He taught love, forgiveness and brotherhood of all mankind. On the other hand the belief in Muhammad can reduce one into a murderous being.

I cannot tell you which faith you should believe. All I can tell you is that I believe in my own limited and fallible intelligence. I have faith in myself. I also know that everyone is fallible. Therefore I will not follow others. I will try to learn from them but will only do what makes sense to me. There is a big danger in being a follower. What if your guru is wrong? There are so many religions and gurus all contradicting each other. How do you know the one you have chosen to follow is the right one? Do you have any proof? We humans are endowed with intelligence and it does not behoove us to abdicate it and follow someone else.

Destiny is a fallacy. Nothing is predestined. We are captains of our own lives. Just as it is completely up to you to read this article or not and this is not determined by destiny, you decide on all your actions, thoughts and words and these are the things that ultimately determine your future. Do not believe Muhammad’s lies. It is not befitting for intelligent people in this day and age to believe in these fairytales. Predestination is an absurdity. If everything is predestined, then what is the justification for hell and heaven? If every leaf moves by the will of God then how can you and I be responsible for doing what God has decreed for us? We are following a script written by God, like actors. How can we be responsible for our actions and why there should be a punishment for doing what has been ordained for us to do? Do you see how easy it is to disprove Muhammad?

Now, please do not confuse potentials with destiny. Each one of us is born endowed with different potentials. These are mostly genetically determined. Eventually with science we will be able to even change our genes and replace the less desirable ones with better genes. I would not be surprised if in future people sit in front of a computer (or what will replace it) and choose the features of their children. We may one day be able to eliminate all genetic diseases. We may even beat death and live for hundreds of years. No it is not a fantasy. It is something within the realm of science.

    July 4, 1999 (The Times of London Britain) -- Scientist believe they have discovered a group of genes that hold the key to "immortality." Experiments using fruit flies have identified genes that have the capacity to make a cell last indefinitely by repairing damage. When active, the genes make the insects live for up to three (3) times their normal life span. Theoretically, the flies could last longer -- if wear and tear of their wings and vital organs did not cause death first. The researchers predict that the same mechanism exists in humans, giving people born now the possibility of surviving well into the 22nd Century by reaching ages of 140 or more.

Destiny is an absurd argument. As rational people we should not believe in these silly antiquated tales nor waste our time discussing them. Any time you believe in a lie you stand to lose. Why do you think Muslims lag behind while all other nations are advancing in science and technology? It is because instead of real science they waste their time trying to make sense of Muhammad’s asinine statements.

Look at the consequence of believing in this lie. Muslims do not consider themselves responsible for what happens to them but rather ascribe everything to the will of Allah. As a result they do not endeavor to change anything. Facts speak for themselves. All Islamic countries are poor to the extent that they follow Islam (unless they have found oil under the ground). Other nations who do not believe in this lie know that money does not grow on trees. It is up to them to create wealth. When faced with calamities and natural disasters, they do not hide their heads under the sand saying it was the will of God. They try to find ways to beat those calamities through science and technology. The belief in destiny is the cause of the misery of Muslims.

Why do people report to have experienced exactly the same events already?" the question is, "if reincarnation has any truth in it, what is the way out?"

If you answer these questions satisfactorily, I am with you.

What you are describing is called déjà vu. It is a French term that means "already seen." You may experience an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn't be familiar. Say you visit a country for the first time and while touring a place it seems to you that you have been there before. Or maybe you are discussing about a current event with a group of friends and all of a sudden it seems that you have had this discussion before with the same people in the same place.

Many researches have been done on déjà vu. Some psychiatrists attribute it to temporal lobe epilepsy. Those suffering from TLE often report déjà vu prior or during seizure. However, it can also happen to anyone. Over 70% of the people report having had déjà vu experiences at some point in their life. Although the phenomenon is not entirely understood, it is clear that it has nothing to do with prior lives. If you have déjà vu while discussing a current event, you can’t say this same event happened sometimes in the past as well.

Some psychiatrists ascribe déjà vu to a mismatching in the brain that causes it to mistake the present for the past. According to this theory, déjà vu is caused by the overlap between the neurological systems responsible for short term memory (events which are perceived as being in the present) and those responsible for long-term memory (events which are perceived as being in the past). In other words, the events would be stored into memory before the conscious part of the brain even receives the information and processes it. (See Wikipedia) Déjà vu is therefore a brain anomaly and not a paranormal experience.

As for reincarnation, this is an unsubstantiated claim. It is actually an irrational argument. What is the point of returning to this world if we are not told what mistakes we committed in our previous lives? How can we avoid the same mistakes if we have no recollection of them? You know fire burns because you retain the memory of the painful experience of being burnt before. But if that memory is blotted completely, you may burn yourself again. Without memory, no learning is possible. The idea of reincarnation seems to be a fallacy. It explains nothing while it creates more questions. Then again, I could be wrong.

I hope you are satisfied with these answers. Are you with me yet?

Ali Sina is the editor of He is has contributed in 'Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside Islam'.  His latest book is Understanding Muhammad: The Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet will be published soon.

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